Saturday, June 29, 2019

Saying Goodbye to Pride Month

I think these will be the first words I've ever written about pride month.  For a simple reason: I don't believe in their premise.  According to National Today website (a place that lists all of those "today is National whatever day" holidays):
June is Pride Month, a month to celebrate gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, and asexual people, plus all other sexual orientations and genders. 
So pardon me if I don't play along. 

My definition of pride doesn't include sexual orientation in any way whatsoever.  Pride is for things an individual has accomplished.  Pride doesn't extend to nationality, race, or anything a person has no control over (which clearly includes any of those sexual orientations they celebrate if people are truly "born that way").  I don't see how pride could have anything to do with who or what you have sex with.

For example, I have no pride in my nationalities - I had nothing to do with choosing them.  I enjoy the foods and what I know of the customs of both halves of my background, but probably no more than I enjoy the foods of nationalities I have no ties to at all.  I have no pride in any of my parents' accomplishments.  I appreciate that my families migrated to this country and I'm thankful I live here, but simply living here is no reason for pride.  Doing something for the country would be something to take pride in. 

I suppose McThag's post made me think of this.  I suspect the reaction of the people who parade for pride month to my ideas would be to call me a hater.  I don't hate you or your sexuality; I simply don't care about it.  I don't care about anybody's sexuality.  Why should I care?  What consenting adults do in private is so far down on a list of things I care about, it's hard to express.  My current circle of friends are all similar ages to me (I can't think of any younger than about 50) and are all heterosexual married couples.  I don't care about their sexuality either. 

And here's something that might mess with Pride Month paraders: I don't care if you hate me.  You're wasting your life and energy if you do, but if you want to waste your life that's your call.


  1. My apologies if this has been posted here before:
    "Women are from Venus and men are from Mars. All the other'genders'are from Uranus.

    I don't recall where I first saw this quote. If anyone knows who came up with it, I'd love to buy him a beer.

  2. For all that is said about "I/we want to be treated equally." It turns out that those demanding equality only want to be treated better than some other group.

    1. Word. I can think of no exceptions to that in my life's experience.

  3. There are 33 genders. Male, female, and 31 versions of gay.

  4. No one should be celebrating the open display and support for mental illnesses.

  5. You fricking knuckledragger. You should be flogged for you continue to think that words are defined according to traditional (spit) definitions. 'Pride' has nothing to do with merit or achievement, it has everything to do with cramming my stuff down your throat (pun not intended). 'Pride' is code for 'pay due respect to us although we be the very few we are loud and in your face (again, the pun) and will do more than lambaste you if you do not accede to our every demand, we will get you fired and burn your house down, you homophobe'.


  6. What they want is enthusiastic approval, which I'm not willing to provide. As for their sexual orientation, such as it is, the so-called pride month provides me with an original WTF?! moment. What do people do when they're introduced? Say, "Nice to meet you. I'm Mad Jack, and I'm heterosexual with an original equipment, factory issued penis."

    Or what, exactly?

    I live in Columbus and have to suffer the rainbow lighting on the capital building, the flags and banners all over the place, and the traffic snarling parade. What everyone is carefully not talking about is the heightened security, the surprising number of nervous looking government employees talking into their lapels, and the increase in K-9 units. Because, you see, the Muslim population truly believes that the LG et al. population is an abomination in the eyes of Allah, and as such must be disposed of. So I'm just waiting for a parade float from the Muslims Are All About Love organization to go off like three fourth of July celebrations rolled into six tons of ball bearings.

    Not that something like that would ever happen. Right?