Friday, June 21, 2019

With Apologies

Offered with deepest apologies to the late, great, Glenn Frey and (of course) Jackson Browne.   And Brigid

Any image that combines bad jokes, Star Trek and Eagles references has to be posted here. 


  1. I will never listen to that song quite the same again.

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  3. You can keep the Gorn, I want the flat bed Ford... and the girl of course.

  4. You forgot the preceding two lines:

    Well I'm a shootin' photon mortars on Cestus III,
    Such a fine sight to see

    Now if I could only find a rhyme for Metron . . .

  5. Just bear well in mind that you're the 21st C. equivalent to the guy making jokes about Custer, Indians, and John Phillip Sousa to kids born in 1900.

    I stopped talking to people about the Apollo landings when I realized that for most of them, I was telling them about trench warfare at Verdun rolled into explanations about the Battle of Hastings, and T. Rex. And not the band with that name.


  6. Was the Gorn “Running on Empty?”

    1. Considering it's the same songwriter, it has got to be.