Sunday, March 22, 2020

“Best if Used Before” Date Rapidly Approaching

With any luck, this will be out of date soon:

Only one has the "to the tune of" beside it (and it didn't work until I read the song), so hopefully these tunes are familiar enough - there's a few I still don't get.  From somewhere on the vast Sargasso Sea of the Interwebz.  

From the “I wish I'd thought of that” collection:

(clearly from) and finally...


  1. Smart Water or we say in my neck of the woods Smaaahhht Wataaahhh. IMHO, anyone that's paying good money for bottled water needs some lessons in economics, like simple addition and multiplication. I have a Zero Water (full disclosure, I have no financial or other interest in Zero Water) Filter Pitcher that holds ~ two quarts. After the initial investment of ~$30.00 for the pitcher w/one filter and ~$31.00 (Wally World pricing) for a 2 pack of replacement filters, the whole mess pays for itself in reduced bottled water cost in about six months AND side benefit, NO plastic bottles adding to the waste stream for the sake of a drink of water. The filters last me about three months. I'm a one person household. I drain the pitcher every day. I initially used a Brita, as the water where I live is heavily chlorinated. However the Brita does nothing to reduce the heavy iron content of the muni water, so it still doesn't taste very good. The ZW gets all of that stuff out leaving water that tastes as good as the water from the 200 year old well at camp.