Wednesday, March 11, 2020

I Was Born For This

Got started on a story that's resisting efforts to tell it.  So... cartoon!

XKCD of course, for March 5th

I was watching the news the other day and they were talking about someone put into solitary confinement.  I thought, “that's not so bad... give me a stack of books... or a pen and some notepads.  It would be fine.”  Then they pointed out these prisoners were not allowed to have books and certainly not pens and notepads - they could use the pens to Epstein themselves.  They're completely cutoff from everything except their thoughts. 

Then I thought, “that's a question.  Have books and be exposed to prison population or no books and no prison population?  I guess I'd still have to go with the solitary confinement.”


  1. I would kill for pen and paper. Not really, but I have really strong feelings about it.

  2. I have 12 feet of books in my "to read" pile. I'm not exaggerating. Now to lay in some beer . . . .

  3. I've often said, and only half in jest, that there are certain advantages to being an asocial recluse.

  4. Depending on the facility, they do have a library and a mobile cart that delivers the books you check out. Some facilities only allow a Bible. Others, don't allow anything.

    MOST PRISONERS file an appeal so that they have access to the law library and can work on their own defense...yes, the scam. So fear not if you're locked up. If you let me know, I'll bake you a cake. Take care or you could chip a tooth.