Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Less Like "Shock Poll", More Like "Well, Duh!"

You may have seen the story of the “Shock Poll” from Rasmussen about 50% of Americans agreeing with the statement that it’s at least somewhat likely there will be a violent attempt to overthrow the United States government within the next decade.  The poll results broke down like this:

You can see the top two groups Very and Somewhat Likely add to 50% vs. 42% saying it's Not Very or Not at All Likely.  There's the standard Not Sure response that always gets a few percent of responses.  Don't ask me why that adds to more than 100% (107%); unless it's a way of combining the +/- 2.8% uncertainty into one total.  (Note that 107 is 100 + 5 (number of categories) times 1.4 (1/2 of 2.8%))

To anyone shocked, I think you're avoiding the news.  I think there should have been an option for, “it's going on Right Now.”  One of my regular reads, Divemedic at Confessions of a Street Pharmacist has been running a series on the stages of an insurgency (good summary in part 2) and deep diving into lots of details.  Pollster Scott Rasmussen almost went there.
Rasmussen noted that Republicans are a bit more likely to expect such violence, but the gap is fairly modest. That may be due to a perception among some that the current civil unrest is heading in that direction.

"There is also likely a solid partisan distrust fueling such concerns," Rasmussen said. "Many Republicans fear the left will respond with violence if President Trump is re-elected. Many Democrats fear the same from the right if President Trump is defeated."
Saying there might be a violent attempt to overthrow the government in November isn't quite Right Now, but it's closer to Right Now than a decade from now.  

Count me as thinking we're in the early stages of a well-funded and organized attempt to overthrow the US government.  Yes.  Right.  Now.   


  1. Wait. Isn't a violent attempt to overthrow the government(s) occurring right now?

  2. I agree, an attempt is in progress now. This will only get worse as we get closer to the election. The not my President Left will absolutely lose their minds when Trump is re-elected. They will be used as stalking horses by the Marxists. It's gonna be bad.

    Retired Cop

  3. When the George Floyd "protests" turned into a free-for all, I decided it was either starting, or going to go hot Real Soon Now. Since then, things seem to have cooled a bit, so I'm pushing the kick-off ceremonies to election time. We already know (if you don't believe me you're an ostrich) there's going to be a massive, astoundingly bold amount amount of voting fraud, and whether that triggers it, or some new manufactured crisis will be cranked up, but I think it's going to be very, very bleak Thanksgiving and Christmas time.

  4. If you average the male and female sexes you get the character Pat from Saturday Night Live, who is exotic and does not resemble many actual humans.

    Similarly, I think for this analysis you should not combine or average liberal-feminist-Democrat-city people with rural people into the category "Americans". The situation out here in ruraldom seems pretty polite and low stress. What takeover?

    1. " The situation out here in ruraldom seems pretty polite and low stress. What takeover?

      - There is a continued housing boom in spite of the truly poor economy (depression?) and that is at least partially fueled by city dwellers who are newly aware of their dangerous environment now opting to move to the burbs and rural areas.

  5. Point Of Order:
    Any poll that totals 107% is obviously run by Democommunists.

    When someone finds on that only tallies 100%, give a holler.
    This bit of nonsense was prima facie a wasted trip. ;)

  6. No matter who wins on Nov. 3rd, Antifa and BLM will go wild. In celebration if Biden wins and in despair if Trump wins. If anyone thinks that the violence in the past several weeks is some aberrant situation, you ain't seen nothin' yet.


  7. Count me in the Going. On. Right. Now. camp, fwiw.

  8. DOJ, FBI, and CIA are leading the attempt.

  9. The Left has been making war on America since 1933.
    The Right has finally begun, ever so gently, to fight back.

  10. I fully belive that the voting fraud and voter intimidation by the Left will be so massive that it will put the Democrats in power in both the Presidency and Congress. I live in Texas and I think that there will be far more ballots cast in the Blue regions (Huston, Austin, San Antonio, The Valley, Dallas, El Paso, et al) than there are people of voting age in those areas and therefore throwing Texas to the Democrats. Boxes and boxes of "absentee" ballots will be found to do this. I also think that it will be so blatant that it will be seen but the MSM and other Leftist media will bury the story as "it really didn't happen since in put our people in power". Yes, I am very pessimistic about our future. But, I am praying that God will deliver us from this Evil.

    Drjim and Nemo both point out that the end of the year will be terrible no matter who gets elected.