Tuesday, July 28, 2020

I Give Up Trying to Understand the Coronavirus Reaction

William M. Briggs, Statistician to the Stars, has a summary of the insanity you must read, but even he misses a ton of it.  For example, he rightly points out:
Sodomy is back on in (the appropriately nicknamed) Sodom-on-Sea. Yes, the city’s leaders say “Restrictions Relaxed for Gay Bathhouses, Sex Venues“. Spreading COVID via glory holes is not a worry anymore, not in San Francisco. (Spreading HIV is no longer seen as entirely undesirable.)
You can’t get into to see granny on her 103rd birthday—as a man running a small shop told me about his experience with this aged relative—but at least you can sodomize a man through a hole in the wall.
I suppose we're supposed to be happy they didn't make “sodomizing a man through a hole in a wall” mandatory.

But he doesn't mention the Supreme Court siding with Las Vegas that it was perfectly acceptable to allow casinos to have hundreds of people or more inside, as long as it was less than 50% occupancy, but a church couldn't have more than 50 people inside no matter how many people it could seat. 

You can't go more than a few minutes without hearing, “cases are up!!!!!!”  But the number of deaths peaked in mid April and is way down by now.  (Gee, almost like these guys said in early May)

In my county in Florida, the peak number of cases is in 15-24 year olds, where the chances of dying from it are in the parts per million range.  Statewide, it's 25-34. We're being singled out in the national media for having a second surge, but then Briggs points out this:
Oops again: Coronavirus Surge Narrative Cast into Doubt After Antigen Tests Result in 73 Percent False Positive Rate in Just One Small Vermont Town. Many such cases.
Tests with 73% false positive rate should be taken off the market and burned in a big, hot fire. 

It sounds to me that having lots of 15 to 34 year olds coming down with the virus is a Good Thing.  That much closer to making the islands of people the virus has to hop over to get to victims too big.  “Herd immunity.”  Isn't that one of the reasons for vaccines in general?  The media makes you deaf screaming about how bad it is, but only bloggers will point out important truths (this one from Gun Free Zone).

And I'm not even getting near the story of how we have stacks of doctors worldwide who are treating Covid patients with hydroxychloroquine and claiming the combination of that with a few other treatments is very effective, but the American media is screaming endlessly that not only is it not a valid treatment but that it will kill people. 

If it doesn't make sense no matter how you look at it, it must be politics.  I have a suggestion for the media and the horses they rode in on. 


  1. I think it's a donkey they ride on.

  2. Here's a theory that makes sense of it. Government supporters advance formally invalid non-arguments to shout down objections as an apology for their power. This works because most humans make political decisions using instincts inherited from chimpanzees, not logic. These non-arguments are ridiculous in proportion to government size. Originally they start out as mildly clever, taking at least a little bit of thought to see through given the educational levels of the time. Examples include Thomas Hobbes' _Leviathan_ claims of a war of all against all, despite zero historically observations of that. Why Americans in 1776 have liberty despite being under a copy of the British government. 'Taxation without representation' is fine if we do it to the Whiskey Rebellion. The flaws in the argument grow, and eventually we get COVID-1984.

  3. Total cases increasing rapidly is a VERY good thing when the total deaths per day is decreasing rapidly. It means that herd immunity is getting closer. We will want this when the weather cools off in October - hopefully by then we won't need a vaccine because 100M+ people have had it and recovered.

  4. As I understand it (from a series of lectures by Vincent Racaniello of P&S), HCQ opens a hole in the cell wall to permit the influx of the Zn++ ion, which does not allow proper viral mDNA replication within the cell.
    Somebody please correct me and tell me the exact place of Azithromycin in all of this.
    #2. will the politicians and/or the adversarial media be held responsible for all COVID deaths that are due to non-tx with CHQ? what will be their punishment since I would classify as murder.

  5. It is all politics. The Donkeys and their sycophants are pushing this to get "Vote-by-Mail" so they can pull the biggest election fraud of all time to get themselves back in power and become the new aristocracy.