Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tightening the Fence; Putting up the Wire

By now, you've all undoubtedly heard the story about gathering wild pigs for slaughter.  A good example is "The Wild and Free Pigs of the Okeefenokee", where a crafty old guy gathers a herd of wild pigs by scattering food for them for a while, then adding fence posts, one at a time, eventually building a fence and closing the pigs inside.  From wild pig to bacon and Boston butts in a few months.

It's arguable the same thing is being done to us.  William Norman Grigg, normally of Pro Libertate, has a piece on Lew Rockwell examining the links between Brandon Raub, the decorated Marine put in a mental hospital for 30 days (he was released today, early) for writing "politically incorrect" things in a private Facebook discussion and some similar cases.  All involve the Glorious Motherland sending someone to a gulag, um, I mean mental hospital, apparently simply for attracting attention.  These include Matthew Corrigan, a depressed veteran seeking help for a sleeping disorder, David Pyles of Medford, Oregon, whose crime appears to be using a tax refund check to buy a couple of guns shortly after being terminated from work, and engineer Gregory Girard, who doesn't appear to have any transgressions, just the misfortune of being married to a psychologist who knows how to game the system.
Photo from Grigg's column.  Go read, bacon.    


  1. Is this not obscene? That America should come to this place, where we become more like Soviet Russia than Russia herself? That is what happens when you elect a Marxist, especially one who is too limited in IQ to understand Marxism never has worked and never will, save as a means to total control of the populace.

    If I go more than a week or two without posting a comment - and without advising I'll be off the grid for a while - you'll know why. Veteran, supporter of the Constitution, former Ron Paul supporter, advocate of self-sufficiency, advocate of taking out the JBT trash, owner of one or two firearms, reloader, etc., etc.

    I feel certain I will submit peacefully, though, just as these gentlemen did . . .

    1. Oops. Meant to reiterate something I read somewhere. Heads and hips.

    2. I imagine we're all on that list...