Sunday, May 12, 2013

Range Day

I was looking at some of my old posts (not too self-referential), and noticed that I've been posting about wanting to pick up a Scout rifle in .308 since July of 2011.  Long story short, I finally have one.  I bought a used but well pampered, early model Savage Scout and after a couple of weekends with other things interfering, got a chance to try it out.  First step, of course, was to zero it for my eyes and preferred way of using it.  

This is benchrest shooting with a Caldwell lead sled, what we usually use, at 25 yards to set the zero, with my first few shots numbered.
As you can tell, I adjusted the scope backwards the first time.  Once I got it dialed in, it was pretty automatic.  Although I didn't take any pictures of it, due to limited time downrange, Mrs. Graybeard tried it out and her first shot (fresh target) was about one diameter (.308) below the cross hairs and on the vertical line.  After 10 shots she had a slightly better centered version of the hole in the middle in this picture.

I'm not used to shooting 100 yards with low power optics, and this rifle has a low power scout scope, so the group opened up to fill the inner two inches.  The wind started to shift from into our faces to quartering off the right, so it was slightly left-biased until I realized what was happening.  No pictures.  Tried to take one through the spotting scope, but it didn't work out.

Now let me pass on something we discovered that really works out well for us.  Some of you may recall that I refer to Mrs. Graybeard as "the diminutive but deadly".  Because she's under 5' tall and I'm over 6', we regularly find "one size never fits all".  For our last few range trips, we brought an astronomy chair we've had for 25 years, very much like these from Company Seven.  Here's a photo of it alongside her 10/22.   
These chairs are designed for the seat to be moved up and down infinitely adjustable because the viewing position changes with the elevation of whatever you're watching through the telescope. It makes it very easy for either of us to get into the right position at the rifle.  I'm guessing not many shooters will think of using an astronomical observing chair for shooting, but keep it in mind as an option.  Even comes in tactical black ;-).

And in case I have to tell you, major calibers are fun! 

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