Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Video of the Week So Far

Go over to Sense of Events and watch the RC helicopter video

And then consider it as a homemade drone...
that's how I reacted...


  1. I though I knew a little about aerodynamics. I was wrong.
    Way cool.

  2. A very good example of how power-to-weight trumps everything else!

  3. That reminds me of a musical etude with lots of double stops - you marvel at the skill it takes, even if the performance isn't what you'd normally think of as classically graceful.

    Think what you could do to the discipline of jackbooted thugs by flying near them that way. Heh.

  4. Arduino pilot = drone hardware/software for RC planes
    Arduino Copter = same for quadcopters, hexecopters. not sure about the regular kind.

    Arduino Rover (?) - there is software for RC controlled cars - can be scaled up to any size, the biggest I have seen is about the size of a riding mower.

    These provide for self-directed hovering/orbiting. Plotting routes via waypoints, etc. Cost for off-the-shelf quadcopter drone is less than 1000 bucks. Arduino is about 30 bucks, and the software is open source.

    Welcome to the future.

  5. The attraction is the way the guy can fly that thing. The technology is commodity level.

    I would have sworn a few laws of physics were being broken there, except that actually breaking them is impossible.