Saturday, September 14, 2013

Surprise of the Day

Those of us over a certain age will remember Joni Mitchell, certainly one of the brightest stars in the music scene in the late 60s and early 70s.  I think of Joni as part of the anti-war counter culture and the late 60s/early 70s hippies.  So I was stunned to watch this interview.  H/T to a link on SurvivalBlog, Joni, now just about 70, sat down with Charlie Rose for an interview recently which made it to YouTube:

I'm starting this clip at what I consider the most important part of this interview, where she starts by talking about the crop of cultural destruction those like her have sown and the harvest of world collapse we are about to reap.  She talks about what a tremendous moral error it was to make vice chic, and how the world is not only paying for it now, but will pay even more heavily in the near future.  Joni's fans might find the whole thing interesting. 

The last verse of her famous song "Woodstock" goes:
We are stardust
Billion year old carbon
We are golden
Caught in the devil's bargain
And we've got to get ourselves
back to the garden
 -  "Woodstock" by Joni Mitchell, 1969
Maybe we should rewrite that verse a little longer to:
We are stardust
We are golden
Our only chance to survive
is growing our own food
so we've got to get ourselves
back to the garden.


  1. There's a Pennsylvania Dutch bit of wisdom that goes "We grow old too soon, and smart too late".

    I think it applies to Joni.....

  2. Coyote's in the coffee shop
    He's staring a hole in his scrambled eggs
    He picks up my scent on his fingers
    While he's watching the waitresses' legs
    He's too far from the Bay of Fundy
    From appaloosas and eagles and tides
    And the air conditioned cubicles
    And the carbon ribbon rides
    Are spelling it out so clear
    Either he's going to have to stand and fight
    Or take off out of here
    I tried to run away myself
    To run away and wrestle with my ego
    And with this flame
    You put here in this Eskimo
    In this hitcher
    In this prisoner
    Of the fine white lines
    Of the white lines on the free free way


    wisdom arriving after the need.