Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Time for the Five Minute Colorado Gloat

The recalls in Colorado were a success, and the gun control nuts are all butt-hurt.

That makes me smile and feel all warm inside.

They keep lying about the nature of the recall, lying about who started the process by claiming the NRA started it, and lying about the funding by saying grass roots activists put up anywhere near what Bloomberg put up.  Dave Workman, the Seattle Gun Rights Examiner, says
That statement is a lie and they know it. The NRA didn’t start the recall effort, but certainly jumped in with financial support and no doubt helped energize gun owners to vote. The Moms group doesn’t say a word about the $350,000 reportedly spent by Bloomberg to oppose the recall. By some estimates, anti-gunners out-spent recall proponents about 7 to 1. [emphasis added - SiG]
As Miquel says:
Astroturf hates Grassroots. It represents all they want to be but can’t. They are genetically Modified Political Organisms in Ultra-Lib parlance….which would make Michael Bloomberg the Monsanto of Politicians.
Such epic levels of butt-hurt....  That awful little fascist prick Bloomberg throwing away money, it does my heart good.


  1. I live in the People's Republic of Kolorado (formally known as free Colorado before the progressives wrested control)and the reports we have here is that the anti-recall activists, financed primarily by out of state interests (i.e., Bloomberg, et al) raised $3,000,000 to fight the two recall battles, compared to about $500,000 by the recall proponents. The antis also bused in around a 100 professional activists and get out the vote people (there were calls for housing and food for them for 5 days prior to the election).

    Freedom and accountability still won the day...

    1. Thanks for dropping by with those numbers! It can be hard to get that sort of information from way out here.

      Good to see the recall, but the laws (like the magazine bans) have to be dismantled and some other problems fixed.

      Hope you get your state back!!