Saturday, September 28, 2013

VISA Doesn't Want the Gun Business?

According to as story that has started making the rounds, seen on the Daily Sheeple, Authorize.Net, part of VISA corporation, has dropped the gun business.   After being OK with Larry Hyatt's gun shop for four years, they suddenly decided to terminate the business. 
Dear Hyatt Gun Shop Inc,

Authorize.Net LLC (“Authorize.Net”) has determined that the nature of your business constitutes a violation of Section 2.xiv of the Authorize.Net Acceptable Use Guidelines and Sections 3.3 and 11.3 of the Authorize.Net Service Agreement (the “Agreement”).

These sections include, but are not limited to, the sale of firearms or any similar product.

Accordingly, pursuant to Section 4 of the Acceptable Use Guidelines, your ability to access and use the Authorize.NetServices will be terminated on September 30, 2013.
Go read the whole thing.  The Daily Sheeple points out similar things that have happened recently.  It's a safe bet that the politicians that want to destroy the second amendment put pressure on the banks.  No, they have no honor whatsoever. 

Personally - I say F*** 'em.  According to the "1 Minute MBA" video that was going around a few weeks ago, like here on Every Blade of Grass, the gun business in the US is $31.8B per year.  Every credit card transaction gets 3% of the cost, IIRC.  They think they can crush us?  We'll crush them. 
Think of how much damage it would cause VISA if the millions of gun owners simply stopped using credit or debit cards entirely.  For everything, not just buying guns or ammo.


  1. keep us posted on this, I use a visa card a lot, but if this is the tack they want to take, I will drop them like a hot bacteria infected potato.

    1. Ditto. I have a mileage card that I use for everything but would drop it pretty quickly for something like this.

  2. I just went to the NRA Account site with their "Defend Freedom with the NRA VISA card".
    Mixed signals from VISA.

  3. To be clear, it's that's dropping the vendors, not VISA itself.

    VISA does own them, as best as I can tell searching around. But it doesn't appear to be VISA themselves.

    More if I find out more.

  4. If / As you find out more, some of us would appreciate if there's info RE: a widely available credit card that actually appreciates gun owners. I'm tired of my money going to the enemy.

  5. How ironic that you can use your visa at a strip club (no I don't know this from experience but from news stories) but not at a gun store.

  6. Wonder if they will stay consistent and drop other retailers that sell guns, like Cabela's, BassPro, Walmart....

  7. is a payment processor - of which there are dozens, one of which is part of the Walmart/ Sams Club empire (hence Walmart isn't going to shut themselves out!) I have not seen any evidence that Visa itself cares; as another poster pointed out, the NRA itself offers a VISA card.
    Note: if you do a quick search on, you'll find that its parent company was bought by Visa and it is one of the biggest processors of payments for online stores - as well as a major target for online criminals because of that.