Friday, September 27, 2013

You Really Ought to Go Home - Bill Whittle

Bill Whittle brings his trademark clarity of thought and expression to this incident barely reported on in the media, in which an F-22 pilot did his best impression of the scene from "Top Gun" where Tom Cruise flies upside down over a MIG, and freaks out the Russian pilot.

The Chinese stealth fighters Bill mentions look suspiciously like they copied the F-22.  Given the extent of their espionage in our country, that's not impossible.  Heck, given how our administration is arming Al Qaeda, and sending arms to the Mexican drug cartels, it's not completely out of the question that someone slipped them the plans.  The Chicoms are making a determined effort to break into our avionics companies, and the electronics is the real advantage of these fighters.  The Russians appear to have the head start, but neither should be scoffed at. 


  1. Unlike "Top Gun" and unspoken in the article; the wingman of the F-22A chatting with the Iranians was most certainly in a firing position.

  2. Very disappointed that Bill Whittle is promoting the idea that Iraqis and Iranians are the aggressors.

    Increasing numbers of people "don't buy it" any more.

    America is the aggressor ... aided and abetted by the usual suspects, Britain and France.

  3. Although I wish we could stop putting troops in oil bearing nations around the globe, I don't agree with your comment that generalizes America as the ever present aggressor in an otherwise peaceful world. In case you missed it, the last fellow bearing the title of President of Iran had quite a few aggressive comments to make about America. How also do you say America is the aggressor when quite of few of these Middle East nations openly talk about how destruction of Israel and her allies is their goal. The world is not peaceful and threat of superior arms still remains a vital aspect of keeping some of these dirtbags within their own borders. I sincerely hope someday the UN grows a pair and outlaws war entirely, until that day the nation that allows its military to become irrelevant invites exploitation.

    1. Michael, I'm with you almost 100%, all except for the part about the UN outlawing war. That would be as successful as gun free zones. The countries that want to arm themselves will continue to, and wage whatever wars they want whenever they feel it's in their best interest.

      Don't forget, Iran declared war on us in 79, and hasn't been shy about killing Americans ever since. Undoubtedly, we did bad things over there, but we're not the only side that has done bad things.