Sunday, September 29, 2013

Why Is It?

Why is it that long weekends still seem too short?

For the last month, since my trip to Canada, I've "had" to take vacation days to run my accrued vacation down to the maximum I'm allowed to keep.  I've had every Friday off in the month of September.  This week, I finished the top section of Mrs. Graybeard's fishing rod and applied the first coat of epoxy.  It's essentially impossible to get a photograph in here that captures it, but you can see the color scheme she picked. 
This took quite a surprising amount out of both Friday and yesterday, mostly because my Anal Retentive side wouldn't accept some of the ugly I laid down Friday.  I made myself rebuild it before applying the epoxy.  The epoxy, by the way, will run right off the rod unless you spin the rod while the epoxy sets, and I have an ancient barbecue rotisserie motor for that.  It's the only way to get a relatively smooth finish from it.

What's left to do is the decorative part of the wrap on the bottom section and then finish the whole project.  More than half way there.

In addition, my radio club had an event we were going to help out in, and I was out there for a few hours today.  It's amazing that long weekends start to feel too short after you have a few.  Now it's back to five day weeks. I know: want some cheese with this whine?

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  1. I hear you.

    All of my "retired" friends claim they have less time now then when they were working full time.