Saturday, April 26, 2014

I Haz A Stale

Seems to be a lot of it going around.  Not so much writer's block, more like tired of writing about the same damned problems all the time. 

For example, I've written on the green alternate energy dreams many times.  But you don't say it better than this.  Even if he does "toots" instead of "farts". 

Nate Beeler at


  1. Yeh well all this "stuff" about the Keystone XL pipeline might mean something if any of the oil were going to Americans. But just like not one drop of oil from the north slope of Alaska came to the lower 48, not one drop of this oil will ever see the inside of an Americans fuel tank. That's WHY this pipeline is being built.---Ray

  2. This may be true and it may not be (I've read "experts" saying yes and no) but it misses two crucial points:

    1. Green energy is a fairy tale, like running the world on pixie dust and unicorn farts. We need fossil fuel for the foreseeable future.

    2. That oil is coming to the gulf coast anyway. It's coming by rail - a political payback to Warren Buffet who owns those railroads for his campaign donations and pure cronyism. Pure corruption. Not only that, but some part of the trip is by truck, so the green president doesn't approve the pipeline and makes the pollution he says he wants to avoid worse.

    And I'll throw in a third one. Oil is the very definition of a fungible commodity. Every single drop that hits the market effects the price of every other drop. They even use oil as the example of fungibility in the Wikipedia definition