Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's Time for the End of an Error

It's time for the end of an error.  It's time to arm the Army.  It's time US soldiers, airmen, marines and sailors were allowed to defend themselves in Ft. Hood and every other base in the US.

If these men and women were on any other piece of property in Texas, they could defend themselves against an armed crazy person by concealed carry. 
There is simply no rational argument against it.  The country routinely brags this is the best trained fighting force in the history of the world, but they're not well-enough trained to be trusted being armed at home?  But we trust them to be armed on bases around the rest of the world?

I don't care who started it; I don't care how far back it goes; I don't care if it's a D thing or an R thing because it's a stupid thing.  I don't know how this idea got started in society that if some aggrieved soul has a problem with anything he goes into the nearest gun free zone and starts killing people, I just know that it has to stop.  The fact that the uniformed military has not just the ADD-ridden high school snot, but Achmed, L'il Kim and a half dozen others gunning for them just means they need self defense the most. 

Last night, Megyn Kelly on Fox impressed me twice in the opening few minutes of her show.  First, she announced that the shooter's name Will Not Be Mentioned on her show; there's enough evidence to convince her that's what most of these psychos want.  Within seconds after that, she was hounding a Texas senator (I think) about why concealed carry isn't allowed on bases.  Concealed carry has a great track record of stopping this sort of thing.  It's time to stop the stupidity and let people protect themselves.


  1. Didn't see the show, but the "Texas Senator" would have been either Ted Cruz (if he had dark hair) or John Cornyn (if he had white hair) or could have been a Texas State Senator in which case would have had no means of impacting the concealed carry restriction (a Federal thing) or, hopefully, was some blue state gun control senator. If the latter, then she scored three points for her show by exposing hypocrisy.

  2. Strangely enough, I'd know both Cornyn and Cruz. Must have either been a rep (house of) or a state official of some level.

  3. What you said makes the best kind of sense Just takes one good person to stop the bad, before further harm is done

  4. I'm not so sure that allowing CCW of privately-owned weapons by anyone on the base is a good idea. Lots of GIs aren't really mature enough - they need to be supervised when armed.

    I am in favor of allowing senior NCOs and officers carry their issue weapons at any time (at all times when in uniform).

    That would distribute enough firepower around the base to insure rapid elimination of a deranged shooter.

    I'm an army brat who lived on posts during the 40's and 50's and I seem to recall that armed men (not MPs) were fairly common back then, and not just during wartime.

  5. Mike 1010A - I would hope you're not right about the maturity level, but hope is not a strategy - as the saying goes. I would envision that not everyone would carry, simply because not everyone has a job where weapons proficiency is required. Those who are comfortable being armed will be.

    As with arming school teachers, the value isn't in arming everyone, it's in getting rid of the gun free zone/killing zone by having enough people to completely mess up the plans. As Brigid noted, it only takes one person in the right place at the right time.