Monday, April 7, 2014

Jeb, Jeb, Jeb...

No. No. No.

As a lifelong Floridian, I was able to observe Jeb Bush when he was governor a few years ago.  Jeb is competent manager and CEO type, a very effective administrator.   For example, he was governor during the bad hurricane season in 2004, and comparing him to Louisiana's government was like comparing a team of extremely well trained operators to the Korrupt Keystone Kops.
But... No.  First off, he's too big a progressive; too quick to go for government solutions.  Not the guy to go to when you need to drastically reform and curtail the  Plus, he's too big a supporter of the Common Core federal take over of education.  Like many, when W showed up in the primaries in 2000, we thought he was "the wrong Bush"; that Jeb would be the next Bush to run.  Later, we figured W had used up the family name. 

Every bad quality Mitt Romney had that pitted conservatives against him is core Jeb.  Another big government technocrat.  He's the wrong man at the wrong time. 

Plus... can we please have more diversity than another Bush running against another Clinton?

Aside from that, as an update, Mrs. Graybeard has the nasty cold I first came down with two weeks ago.  It's staying more as head cold for her (while for me it dove into my lungs first), and she has conjunctivitis really badly. 

Me, I've been back in motion for a week, but still cough too much and I'm still consuming more than 50% of my calories as cough drops


  1. My sympathies to both of you on the cold/flu/crud. Miss D. and I had it between us for a full five weeks. No fun at all.

  2. I genuinely like both George Bush's and Jeb. I would enjoy having any of thenm as friends. As a president George W was mediocre at best and way to liberal for me. But Jeb is so far past that I could not vote for him. But it wouldn't stop there, I would vote for the radical communist bitch if Jeb runs for president. I think amnesty is a terrible mistake and Jeb isn't simply for amnesty he would encourage and forgive all illegal immigration. I think the most likely cause of the end of this great experiment called the US of A will be the relentless illegal immigration that a soft stance on this crime will only encourage. I don't think we can survive it. 3 million in 1986, perhaps 20 million today and if we go the amnesty route it will be 50 million more in ten years and 100 million more in 20 years, etc.

  3. I think you put the cart before the horse on that one, Anon 20:04, the end of the American experiment is the welfare state. It corrupts its citizens within and encourages illegal immigration while exacerbating all the problems that are chalked up to illegal immigration.

    Without the welfare state illegal immigration would not be the issue that it is.

  4. time to stop worrying about which crooked, globalist oligarch/stooge is running for what office. Next first Tuesday in November - and the one after, if there is one - boycott the fake election and go to the gun store instead. There you'll have a real choice.

  5. Clinton was placed in office to make sure the agenda was advanced, and to make himself so hated that it would clinch another Bush (the shrub) in the WH. They (the oligarch's) did so well in herding the sheeple in the 90's and implementing the Bush II dictatorship,(and the agenda of eternal warfare for profit) that they decided to repeat the whole thing with Obama--AND --wait for it; Bush the THIRD. After all , what's an Empire without dynastic rule?---Are ANY of you so stupid that you still believe "voting" makes this a free country? Or that we are not being ground under the heal of tyrants no matter who we "vote for". ---Ray

  6. I think that illegal immigration and amnesty will force us to end welfare, there simply isn't enough money and our borrowing and printing must end soon. But with or without welfare the mass immigration will destroy us. There is no other possible outcome. At the least it will drag our society down, drag our standard ofd living down and increase crime and make us all less safe and poorer. I honestly cannot think of a single good result of mass immigration. It is so bad that if we don't reverse it (yes that means mass deportation) and seal up the border our society will be destroyed. But there's good news, well good news if you are in favor of mass immigration; our government/politicians are too gutless to stop it so we will all find out soon enough how low we can go.