Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Why I Prefer Hotels

This appeared a few days ago (and, yeah, turns out it really is a rerun - note the date, lower left) and I had to save it.  For when I just can't think of a freakin' cogent thing to write about!

I don't know how common this is; I've run across people who talk about the wonderful B&B they stayed in.  Personally, I prefer anonymity. This sums it up pretty well. 


  1. Agree completely.

    I've stayed in a couple of B&B's, and besides the "Ho-Hum" factor about "the experience", I was never comfortable.

  2. I don't mind chatting with people voluntarily, but I don't like being forced by social convention to pretend I'm interested in people I've never met.

    Give me the chain hotels. Friendly and impersonal.

  3. Aah, but at b&b's, i don't need to present a picture ID, a credit card or other such nonsense. FRN's are openly welcomed. Therein exists the anonymity factor.