Saturday, February 13, 2016

It's A Dark and Sad Day

I just got in from the day in Orlando at the annual Hamcation over there, to see the news of Justice Scalia dying in his sleep.  Of course, the dual-headed power party in DC immediately went into full tizzy mode about replacing the pivotal man in the 5-4 decisions that went in favor of liberty.  The stupid party appears to have the upper hand here, if they want to push it.  They can block any Obama appointment in committee thanks to the majority they hold, and they can keep the Senate in session until 2017 with no recesses whatsoever, denying the president a recess appointment.  All they need is just a tiny particle of backbone.  Yeah... I know.  At least weepy's not there.

One of the first positive recollections I had about Justice Scalia was that he took Justice Elana Kagan shooting.  The story gets better: that link was to my coverage of a story in 2010.  In 2014, they went hunting together.  This was kept rather private; I only found mention of it in one blog in the Wall Street Journal archives, but apparently Scalia took the ideologically opposed Kagan shooting and helped her get sufficiently interested in shooting that they'd go hunting together!
“She shot some quail, and she shot some ducks,” Judge Pickering told Law Blog, reached by phone on Wednesday. “We had a great hunt.”

Unfortunately, Justice Scalia's passing isn't alone for us this weekend.  A longtime friend passed away unexpectedly yesterday at noon.  He was one of the first folks I met at my previous job at Major Southeast Defense Electronics Company in late 1987.  We only worked together a couple of times, but about 7 or 8 years later I found out we went to the same church and we started spending more time together.  A terrific guy.  In a prior career he had worked for some of those three letter agencies we're not allowed to talk about, and he had some wild and funny stories from all around the world.  As those guys always seem to!   


  1. We are so screwed. Obama will most certainly appoint a liberal justice. He will probably pick a minority/female which will put extreme pressure on Republicans to not appear prejudiced and simply vote for the appointee. Imagine you are a Republican senator up for reelection in a district that you barely hold and you vote against a female hispanic or black appointee to the Supreme Court. Once in the court there will be a 5:4 majority liberal (anti-constitution) and we will effectively lose the 2nd amendment.

    I absolutely believe the liberals are desperate to abolish the 2nd amendment and it is because they see the great reset coming. They want to seize power and you cannot 'seize' power or have a revolution if the citizens all own ARs and AKs. Gun rights must be taken away, it must be soon and it must be complete. Gun owners who fail to accept the new Supreme Court dictate must be treated as criminals and terrorists. This is it, I didn't expect to see it in my lifetime but here it is right in front of us. And the Republicans will roll over, of course, because that's what Rinos do.

    If I'm not mistaken when universal background checks became the law the regulations required the FBI and local LEOs to destroy the paperwork (or E records) once the transaction was completed. In other words if you bought a gun last month or last week or last year once that transaction is done there is no record of your gun ownership (in most states). What do you want to bet they have 100% of those records and will know who to come to once a liberal Supreme Court declares the 2nd amendment doesn't apply to all us serfs.

  2. Our Republic is in severe jeopardy today because of Justice Scalia's death yesterday. Scalia was one of the Heller Five, and a co-author of the opinion.

    I believe Obama will appoint Scalia's successor, and that McConnell and the Senate will confirm anyone Obama wants, including the odious Eric Holder.

    Imagine a 5-4 Supreme Court decision interpreting the 2nd Amendment to ban the mere possession of handguns and semi-automatic rifles. It could happen. MILLIONS of us would not comply, of course. Federal attempts at confiscation could result in mass death.

    But this one event, Scalia's death, could be the inflection point of the downfall of the American Republic, and quite possibly the traceable initiation of the 2nd American Civil War.