Saturday, August 12, 2017

I Got Nothing

I got friends in sandy places
from Pinterest.

WWII training graphic, from the emails this week.
Just one of those days that it gets to be 9 and I can't figure out where the day went, so I'm channeling my inner Art Metrano


  1. I did a search for the "Don't Cease Attack" poster and found the whole series of posters. Great stuff.

    1. I did some searching after seeing this and found Documenting Reality. Is that the place you found? Regardless, it has a lot of cool stuff.

    2. No, it was a site from Experimental Aircraft Association.

  2. Yeah, it's 1700 here and all I've done today was get some more boxes and bubble wrap so I can start breaking down and packing up all the gear here in the Radio Room!