Saturday, August 19, 2017

Note From The Road

If all goes as planned, by the time you see this, I should be around the gleaming, concrete and glass sphincter of the Southeast - Atlanta - when this posts. 

A rare XKCD worth posting, though.


  1. We have our spotting scope filmed and are ready for Monday, if I had thought a bit faster I could have put film on the camera and ran an HD cable to the big screen tv.
    I really want to see this through the scope though. I kinda remember my father making a cardboard box viewer to see an eclipse in Philly.

  2. After XKCD came out as a supporter of Her Marxist Filthiness, I stopped reading it altogether.

    Whitehall, NY

  3. Report from Santee, S. C. Clear for the whoe thing. Spectacular. Son was in Nashville and reported clear. Wirecutter posted a good video. Language but that is kind of redundant since it was WC. I failed at video and photography. I did see a flare with the binoculars. Now I wish I had brought the 8" Meade.

  4. We were in the Great Smoky Mountains NP at a picnic area with 58 sec of totality. No traffic, no crowds, bathrooms, shade, open spot for viewing, river to cool ones feet, great and knowledgeable company, and of course, Smoky Mountain scenery. This is trite but I am not a wordsmith so bear with me. The difference between a partial eclipse and a total eclipse is literally that of night and day. The sight of a black disc surrounded by glory plucks primal nerves. If you have the chance to see one do so. Our experience was wonderful.