Wednesday, October 24, 2018

I'm Not Saying I'd Like to Build One...

... I'm just saying I'd like to be able to build one.  That said, there are many things I can say that about.

Forged and Filed from Jesse Beecher on Vimeo.

Build one?  I'd need a manual just to open it.

Five minute video. 


  1. And THAT my friends, is CRAFTSMANSHIP!

  2. That is epic level cool- wow. What a talent!

  3. Mind boggled and in speechless awe.

  4. Holy @(&$ that was an amazing piece of work, and thankfully captured by an excellent video team. As a beginning blacksmith, and somewhat accomplished knifesmith, it started out speaking to me, and then went vertical off the graph of anything I can relate to - basically, it became completely aspirational. It's 10pm here, and I am strongly debating getting my butt back out to the workshop... Thanks for calling this one out SiG

  5. Well, that's one way to stop the kids eating the Halloween candy ahead of time, I suppose ... >};o)

    Seriously, that is real engineering and taking the Medieval locksmiths skills to a new level.

    Phil B

  6. Well I guess walking around with my jaw on the floor all day was worth watching that.