Friday, October 19, 2018

Gentlemen, Choose Your Turd

Election day nears, and here in Florida it looks more and more like reaching into the cat's box and trying to pick out the cleanest turd.  At least for one of our US Senators.

For the governor and most other races, the choices are quite a bit easier and more clear.  For governor, we have US Congressman Ron DeSantis against Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum.  Gillum, who has been under a cloud from an FBI investigation for corruption, is promising to bankrupt the state with Free Everything For Everyone, following the brilliant political philosophy of rising Party star Alexandria Occasional Cortex.  Not to mention being endorsed by Bernie Sanders.   DeSantis, should be running a large margin over Gillum but has been running a campaign apparently managed by Gonzo from the Muppets or somebody with less grasp on reality.  Somebody who thinks campaign ads for a candidate for the chief executive officer of the fifth largest state in the country should show the CEO teaching his small children how to parrot president Trump.

The worst race is we choose our US senator between incumbent Bill "Bill" Nelson, of the Evil Party, who has been a reliable vote for Nancy Peloski (or whomever the left's Glorious Leader happens to be) and Rick "Voldemort" Scott of the Stupid Party.  Scott, of course, was so stupid that he enacted all of the Evil Party's gun control agenda for them after the Parkland shooting, so that they didn't have to take the blowback from constituents.

The legislation was celebrated as "gun control" by Democrats and the mainstream media (pardon my redundancy), and they should have celebrated it.  With one mass shooting, a mere 17 kids, they got the Republicans to enact their policies for them.   As always, the Republicans were beaten badly because the Dems have a strategy and work it relentlessly.  While Republicans go along complacently, the Dems hire organizers who work for years in preparation for the times they can push their agenda hard, and in this case, they didn't even need to push their agenda.  They didn't have to do a thing except propose amendments that make them look good to their base.

As a second amendment voter, I don't have someone to support.  As a small government guy, it leans Rick Scott.  Bill Nelson has been reliably on the side of big government as far as I can recall - I wrote a hypothetical response to one of his "constituent update" emails in 2011, pointing out the utter bullcrap he was spreading.  Farther back, I remember the first letter I wrote to an elected official was to Nelson asking he not vote for the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986.  And I recall his terse brush off that came long after he voted for the bill.  As an administrator, Scott performed well.  Jeb Bush was excellent and I'm not sure there was much of a step down when Scott took the lead.  If you compare how Florida responds to hurricanes vs. how Louisiana responded to Katrina, it's like comparing DEVGRU to the Keystone Kops.  Reliably evil party strongholds respond like Louisiana to Katrina or Puerto Rico to Maria. 

Nicole "Nikki" Fried, Evil Party candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture, will make the focus of her administration pushing medical marijuana and opposing the NRA.  I don't think her office has anything in particular to do with the state's medical marijuana law passed two years ago, but the office does manage the concealed carry licenses for the state.  The last thing we need is someone to screw that up.  She's running against an NRA endorsed opponent Matt Caldwell.   Neither of them is a lifetime farmer, but the agency does much more than that.

There has been a lot of ink pixels spilled over the Scott/Nelson choice by fellow Florida bloggers.  It's one of those classic instances of there not being a good choice and I'm not sure I remember a time when the choice in an election included someone I thought was really good, just the lesser of two evils.  In this case, again, it's like digging in the cat box for the cleanest turd. 

You just went full retard, Gillum.  Never go full retard.


  1. I won't vote for a Democrat. I can't vote for Scott after he stabbed us in the back. I will be leaving the Senate spot blank.

  2. We've got our own circus to manage here in Colorado, but they choices are clear, at least to me.

    We've also got some nasty initiatives and proposals to vote on, a couple of which could kill our booming economy by themselves.

    I opened my ballot today so I can learn the process here, and see the items were voting on so I can examine them further.

  3. How is the ship currently being piloted by Gillum, the Tallahassee city government, dealing with hurricane cleanup? Are city employees milking the over-time by enforcing local work practices to the max? As a single for-instance...did the city cancel all vacations?

    Bloated staff is justified based on one-in-one-hundred year events like Michael. The staff screws the pooch the other 99 years and many bad work habits result.

    Is the city getting shit done or is it business as usual?

    I don't want politicians telling me what they are going to do. I want a clear report of what they have done and what they are doing now!

  4. I would only note that "Little Marco" refused to endorse Governor Scott over Billy Nelson. THAT should tell you all you need to know about which is the far better choice. Unless, of course, you are an NPC Democrat or a filthy piece of Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill.

  5. Sure, don't vote for Governor Scott and let Nelson be re-elected, losing a potential seat for the Republicans. Sometimes we have to hold our noses when we vote but let's take the long view here....are you going to punish yourself just to make a point?

    1. You are assuming Scott will vote for Gun Rights when he gets to DC. He caved like a little witch on SB7026. At east with Nelson we know where he stands, with Scott? I don't vote Democrat and that includes Scott who thought he can get Democrats to vote for him because he signed useless Gun Control legislation.

    2. The way I read that, I don't think he's assuming that at all. I think he's assuming that if Nelson keeps the seat and that helps the Dems take over the senate, then they absolutely will pass all the hideous gun control you can imagine. He just thinks that if Scott is an R in that chamber, he'll do what the bosses say and if they don't bring it up, Scott can't vote for it.

      Larry Ransom, if you come back, if I've got you wrong, correct me.

    3. In the alternative: Vote for the R, even when they screw over gun owners. Let the Republicans know that you will vote for them no matter what, and gun rights cease to matter.