Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blogroll Administrivia

I've edited my reading list, just to the right.  The only addition is Quizikle, a kindred technogeek, better-traveled than I.  He describes
Midwest born and raised … adopted The West back when Vegas was a distant spot in the desert … now a recent out-of-place transplant living way back east.
His page lead-in is, "An experienced technician will take less than 5 minutes to find the correct wrench needed to pound in a loose screw".  We must have worked with the same technicians.  Or maybe he worked with me when I was that tech. 

And I note a couple of deletions of regular reads.  Behind the Parapet and Improved Clinch.  Behind the Parapet has been inactive for several months, but is still on Blogspot, so could come back.  Improved Clinch has been inactive since mid-September and now shows a "site is unavailable" page.  Improved Clinch is/was the erudite ex-submariner, John Venlet.  I sent John a personal email to see if was still there and never got an answer.  If anyone knows what happened, pass on the word in the comments.


  1. I've worked with many of those same technicians.

  2. Thanks, SiG:
    This explains the sudden uptick in page views.
    (PS: I started as a tech myself)

  3. John is there, he recently linked a post of mine and I show him active as of a couple weeks ago.