Friday, November 25, 2011

What's Need Got To Do With It?

What's need go to do,
got to do with it?
What's need, but an
odd justification?
What's need got to do,
got to do with it? ~ with apologies to Tina Turner
So last weekend the fun show was in town again, the last until New Years, and we went up to see what there was to see.  I found something I've been kind of looking for, for a while.  A nice looking stainless .22LR revolver.
This is a Rossi M-511, apparently called the Sportsman.  It's a six-shot, DA or SA with nice adjustable sights.  The grips are not original equipment, but are nice target shooting grips.  Clean, relatively free of scratches, scuffs or other marks.  As Tam said the other day,
500 rounds in a day in a .45 will leave your hands feeling like you've been hitting a heavy bag. 500 rounds in a plastic nine will still leave you knowing that you've been shooting when you pick up your utensils at dinner that night. 500 rounds of .22 will have you asking "Is that all we brought? Who wants to run to WalMart for more?"
22LR pistols like the Walther P22, and the Sig Mosquito are very popular, and during the extreme ammo shortage of '09, I got a S&W 22A pistol - the reason for the "what's need got to do with it?" song parody.  It's just a ton of fun to shoot - well balanced, aims very naturally for me, just a lot of fun.  I set my targets back about as far as the range allows, and I could empty a box of 500.  While the little Smith will shoot pretty much all brands of modern, supersonic 22LR ammo, I have come across some that won't cycle properly (some old Remington Thunderbolt lead RN an old timer sold me).  I suspect that the revolver will be quite a bit less fussy with it, and even allow subsonic ammo.  Hopefully we'll see on Sunday.


  1. True story, TJ. Or too much .22 ammo. My last .22 purchase was a Ruger Single-Six Convertible to which I added some Pachmyr grips. I also recently picked up a Ruger Single-Six in .17 HMR. Brownell's sells a cylinder chambered for the .17 HM2. so I snagged one of those, since HM2 is almost half the price of the HMR.

    Haven't shot that one yet, but I'm looking forward to shooting it the same day I put the first 535 grain Lyman Postell cast bullets from my 45-110 Shiloh Sharps downrange. It appeals to my sense of weirdness: 45-110 followed by .17 HM2. Or maybe I should drill out the nose of one of those 535 gr bullets and slip in one of those .17 HM2 rounds ;-)

  2. Nice set of Herrets Shooting Star grips on the revolver. I had a set on a S&W Model 19 - excellent grips and not that expensive too!

  3. Anon - thanks for identifying the grips. I've been unable to find much info on the gun, owner's manual, or that sort of stuff.

    RegT - I've looked at the Single-Six a few times, but wanted to stick with DA/SA. I will probably only use single action on rare occasion.

  4. SiGB,

    The DA/SA format really is a better choice. Quicker to load and unload, more versatile. My first firearm was a Ruger Single-Six convertible, so this was more nostalgia than practicality. The .17 HMR was a mutual favor from a friend. Besides it struck my fancy to own a .17 next to that 45-110.

  5. Get some Aquila Colibri. You can shoot that revolver in the garage, basement wherever with no hearing protection. Make sure you have an adequate backstop. I use an old 4X6, works fine

  6. Anon - thanks for the tip. I've seen it before, and just thought it was subsonic ammo. I hadn't noticed it was just primer only, no powder. Seems like it ought to be very quiet, like a BB gun or so.