Sunday, November 13, 2011

Penn State

I've been hesitant to say anything about this because I just don't feel comfortable with the story; it seems like there's something else going on.  The behavior of all of the people involved seems so bizarre, I'm waiting for some other shoe to drop.

Nevertheless, there were riots the other night on the news JoePa was fired.  Students - you ought to read a little about what's going on before you protest this.  The way I see it, Joe Paterno ought to be in jail; or at least on house arrest.  Same goes for the school president, Graham Spanier, who didn't report the rapes to police and the coaching assistant, McCreary, who stumbled across the rapist, Sandusky, in the midst of raping a child and did nothing.

I've thought about this a lot over the last several days, and I keep coming back to the conclusion that there's only a couple of appropriate responses to finding a rapist in the act, and they all involve firearms on brain stems - granted you may need to use a shovel or fire extinguisher if you're in a gun-free/victim-terrorization zone.  If it was your son, your daughter, or wife, or mother; if it was you, what would you want the person who finds it to do? 

OK, so McCreary proved himself to be a coward and just reported it to his boss, Paterno, the next day.  Paterno, in turn, proved himself a coward and reported it to his boss.  At some point, these cowards have another trigger point: if they don't see Sandusky taken away in cuffs within a few days to a week at most, they need to report it to the police themselves.  Having not done that, they're accessories to child rape and need to be behind bars.

The inimitable Mike V. over at Sipsey Street did a great piece yesterday talking about when "The Institution" - the collective - becomes more important than mere individuals, this sort of thing happens.  You've probably read it; if not go read.  I can only say that the only possibility more revolting to explain what went on at Penn State is that the institution which Paterno, Spanier and the others are protecting is not Penn State, but a child sex slavery ring. 

I never attended a college with a football team, but anyone who knows any thing at all about college sports knows about Joe Paterno.  Truth be told, I've always respected him.  No longer.  At this point, he's among the most despicable people I know of.

Shotguns on brain stems.  The only appropriate response. 


  1. I suspect there are additional rocks waiting to be turned over, some at Penn State, some elsewhere.

  2. I told my wife the same thing... McCreary should have picked up a fire extinguisher and cracked Sandusky's head open like a melon.

    And I read Mike's piece over at SSI today, and basically had come to the same conclusion: the kid (several of them, I guess) was expendable in order to protect the collective reputation of the institution.

    And the Penn State students got all bent out of shape and rioted and attacked a news truck for daring to expose their dirty little secret. Some of them will have to explain this to THEIR kids someday.

  3. Sounds like we're all on the same page. Something else is going on, some dirty little secret. Perhaps the kids were sacrificed to save Joe's reputation - IIRC, he was still trying to outlast Bobby Bowden to become the winningest coach in college football history when this all went down. The end result will be that his reputation will be ruined due to their combined stupidities.

    Instead of being remembered as a guy who worked his life to turn boys into honorable men, he'll be remembered as a guy who let men prey on boys.

  4. Using a firearm on his brain stem would have been my immediate response had I walked in on such activity, but had I been prepared for the possibility, a sharp 1" wood chisel through the space between C-5 and C-6 would render him a quad for the rest of his miserable life. Perhaps to be used in a similar fashion himself by the staff at whatever institution he would have been housed in.

    Oh, hell. I would simply have beaten him to death with whatever came to hand. I wouldn't have had the self-control to do otherwise. The thought that he set up what was supposed to be a shelter for those boys but for the purpose of creating a pool of victims instead leaves me enraged.

  5. Well said, Graybeard. There is something else going on here. Personally, I think firearm involvement might eclipse the horrendous act.

    My first thought would have been: There has to be a baseball bat in this building...back of thru head--done. IMHO

  6. Mark my words.

    I do not know what kind of shoe will drop, but it will be bigger than anyone here can imagine.

    Penn State is more than "Heart of Darkness" or "Lord of the Flies".

    Penn State is an assembly of ambitious, aggressive, second-rate actors desperate to prove their thing -- whatever it might be, football, feminism, Chicken Little "sky is falling" alarms, all of it.

    Penn State University is a bad place. It makes naive bumpkins complicit through cheap inducements such as the reflected Glory of Old State".

    And there are tens of millions of these willingly blind accomplices to keep the lid on it all. I should know. I'm married to one.

  7. Spirit of 1776 - That may be the spookiest comment I've ever gotten here, in the 20 months or so I've been blogging.