Sunday, July 1, 2012

Weekend Off

Like CA at Western Rifle Shooters Association said the other day, I made this a TMBL weekend.  No pondering the evil of Obamacare.  No consideration of politics.  No contemplation of whether Justice Roberts went to such extremes of idiocy he wrapped around the imaginary axis to brilliant.  Just working on some skills and abilities that seem like they'll come in handy in the coming nastiness.  Now maybe that implies doing pushups, lifting weights, and such; my workout was "lift awkward weights, bend, stretch, get on your hands and knees, sit on the ground, stand up, sit back down" and so on.  Try to feed yourself off the land, or in this case, water.  No target practice this weekend. 
So far, fresh fish is costing approximately $5000 per pound.  I'm sure other boaters will understand.



  1. When you factor in the cost of insurance, maintenance and repairs, I'm not sure the price ever gets cheaper. But if you deduct the savings from avoiding the high cost of therapy, it isn't quite so bad ;-)

  2. BOAT = Break Out Another Thousand

    A boat is a hole in the water that you shovel money into

    The two happiest days of a boat owner are the day he buys it, and the day he sells it

    But being a boat owner, I;m sure you've heard those, and many others.

    1. Oh, for sure. I've quoted them myself.

      I considered myself between boats for over 20 years. The first two were back to back, this one took longer. And while I hate getting up at dark thirty, I do enjoy sunrise on the water. Something about "the cathedral hush of nature" that just resonates with me.

  3. Definitely!
    I had a good friend when I worked at Hughes Aircraft who had a Catalina 34' sail boat, and I used to crew for him on the Wednesday night "races" out of Redondo Beach.
    There were a couple of times when he "lent" me the boat (tied up, of course), and I spent the night onboard with a lady friend. Even in the marina, getting up at sunrise had that mystical quality about it.