Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What Do You Think is Coming

Kerodin over at III Percent Patriots started an interesting thread the other day, and although I think I'm a bit late to comment, I think this would a good meme for us all to comment on.  I encourage everyone to comment to Kerodin, and want to encourage folks to comment on their own blogs.  The topic is what you think is coming.  Following this are my thoughts.  Extra credit for predicting when...

What threats do you anticipate?  What do you think is coming?  A bad hair day, or Doomsday?

Nuclear exchanges?  Not likely at all. The only way another country would nuke the US is if Obama succeeds in reducing us to zero warheads (and is apparently trying).  The more likely nuclear event is a single attack, like an EMP from a "rouge nation", or a nuclear terrorism event.  Both are more likely than exchanges.  Chances of both go up if the originator could have complete plausible deniability.

Chem/Bio warfare (deliberately launched)  Possible and easy to implement, especially if it's a suicide mission.  See "Dark Winter".

Bio hazard/disease (whether deliberate or not)  An eventual pandemic is a certainty in the light of history.  Predicting when is impossible.  Widespread cholera and other lack-of-hygiene disease epidemics are inevitable after an economic/social collapse.

Simple economic collapse with resulting Mad Max scenario?  Collapse is highly likely.  "Mad Max" is a bit less so.

Economic collapse with disruptions in essentials: food, medicine, water, sanitation.  Extremely likely - approaching certainty, if current trajectory is not changed.

Violence, hordes, some in possession of light armor they confiscate from DHS/local LEO.  If the previous two happen, this would go with them.

Full scale martial law including .mil assets employed against us all.  Possible, depending on how bad the violence after collapse gets - it would require leviathan to have not collapsed and still have a full scale military to command.   You can't order the .mil around if you don't have a functioning command structure, so full scale collapse largely rules this out.

UN "invited" in to enslave us all?  Low probability.  The UN couldn't figure out how wipe it's ass without the US. It couldn't even find it's own ass with both hands and a GPS.

Full scale land invasion from Mexico, China, Russia, whoever?  As in tanks, air cover, bombing, etc.? Highly unlikely, unless we have no military at all.

A bad decade but we will slowly grind our way out of it?  Most optimistic possible and least likely version of the economic collapse.  

Complete devaluation of FRN's and a reversion of precious metals and barter, at least for a while?  Goes with the economic collapse, and is going on now, to some degree.

(from the Book of Eli)


  1. I really wish it were something simple, like zombies.

  2. Consider the fact that Obama and Panetta have said that they will “consult” with the UN before engaging in any sort of military action, rather than Congress. Consider further, the possibility that Obama might put martial law into effect if he were to somehow fail to achieve the necessary level of voter fraud to insure his reelection in November, and Michelle were to inform him she was not willing to give up her vacations and opportunities to shag her fat ass all over the world.

    Is it not possible that he would request assistance from the UN or perhaps Putin or Hu Jintao? Any military response provided by the UN or Russia or China could certainly be issued US military uniforms just as easily as US troops get issued blue berets (during the times when our government decided to cede control of our troops to UN commanders).

    I don’t worry about a UN takeover, per se, but I could see our Marxist-in-Chief issuing an Executive Order assigning foreign troops to assist him in his transformation of America, especially since he and his steatopygous wife both detest our military and our flag.

    1. I can't say I find that completely implausible, just not very likely. It absolutely starts the shooting civil war. Now that may be desired by the leftists in charge, but that whole thing about the number of deer hunting permits in just one or two states being the largest army in the world comes into play. It would not be simple it would not be clean, and it would make the worst "occupation" pale by comparison with the number of acts of guerrilla attacks. For Putin, Hu, or any possible invading army.

      Once the situation became clear, it would be all hell breaking loose.

      By the way, instead of "steatopygous" - literally "steer (or cow) butt" - my next door neighbor in the first house I ever owned had a phrase that stuck with me, "bona fide soul sister bubble butt".

    2. I'm not talking an invading army, SG, but a limited number of foreign troops in US uniforms - or TSA/DHS uniforms - might be a possibility. I don't think it is likely right now, but give the slimebag another four years of ignoring Congress and seeking UN approval for any military action, and I'm not so certain he wouldn't try it anyway.

      How many of those folks with deer rifles in Louisiana said "Hell, no" when the Guard and CHP and other cops went door-to-door?

      We already have muslim women in blue burkas working as TSA in airports around the country. Don't underestimate what this America-hater is willing to do to get his way.

    3. How many of those folks with deer rifles in Louisiana said "Hell, no" when the Guard and CHP and other cops went door-to-door? I've always thought that if/when confiscation starts, the first folks will be caught out cold. What if you're the first house visited by the JBTs with ROE of "take the guns or take 'em out"? You get rolled, unless you want to die and lose your guns. When someone puts a gun to your face and says "hand 'em over" you don't have much of an option, if you want to live to see tomorrow.

      But now that folks know it's coming, I expect more resistance. Here in Florida, confiscation after a hurricane or emergency was outlawed - if that matters. I've heard the same for other states. That's what I mean by it won't be clean or easy: once the word gets out, the real shooting war starts. All the rules of an insurrection apply.

      All IMO, and I'm just an observer.

    4. The confiscations in LA mostly occured in New Orleans, and were pulled against the elderly, and lone wolves attempting not to evacuate. The NG's and rouge LEO's working for Nagin would not have approached a compound of alert, and armed people anymore than the NOPD would have stopped looting long enough to stop a looter. I was happy to assist in Taskforce Andrew 20 years ago, and prefered to deal with the people who stayed at home than visiting the "refugee compounds", they didn't have the stink of desperation, and wanted a hand up not a hand out.

  3. Stay puft man?

    sorry. all I could think of at the time.

    Gozer the traveler?

    the ghost of yamamoto's ambitious alter ego? - unconcerned with deer rifles of effects thereof?

    1. Stay Puft man? I'd pay to see that. No, wait... I did - in 1984.

      But have you seen this?

  4. Dbl+ good - must use for bumper sticker

    the what? cognitive upset will be priceless