Saturday, October 27, 2012


As of this morning, Hurricane/Tropical Storm/Storm of the Century So Far Sandy has moved north of us here in the Silicon Swamp.  Since Thursday night, we've had winds of 20 to 40 out of the northern quadrants.  Surprisingly, power went off for about a half hour yesterday morning (my power stayed on until the eyes of both of the '04 hurricanes passed by), but aside from that, the only effect we've had is about a metric butt-load of acorns on the back porch. 
I understand the concern is that this storm will merge with an approaching system and turn into a replication of the famous "Perfect Storm" of 1991 (the condensed script). 

If you're in the path, respect this.  It could knock out power for weeks, and duplicate some of the severe flooding from Irene and those others we've seen recently.  I'd say to get your water, food, beer, and other preps completed, but you're probably always ready for a few days without power, aren't you?  

Good luck - and keep your powder dry. 


  1. Well southeast Virginia and the Great Dismal Swamp dodged the bullet on this one. Just a lot of rain and a day off of work.

    1. Excellent. I think you're going to get pretty nasty weather, but hopefully not too nasty. This system is huge.

      See that line, where it makes a right and goes north over central Pennsylvania? A close friend lives there.