Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Who Do They Think They're Appealing To?

In the last couple of weeks, the Obama campaign and its friends (completely unconnected from the official campaign - for FEC purposes, I'm sure) have put out some pretty peculiar ads.  There was ad comparing voting with having sex for the first time,  which has generated some excellent parodies:
Then there were the zombie kids, the Future Children Project, which was, if anything, a weird juxtaposition of a bunch of healthy, well dressed, well fed kids reciting the words about how awful their world will be, based on about 50 liberal bumper stickers.  Unfortunately, there are no real parodies of it.  Internet, I'm disappointed in you!

What puzzles me is that these things cost somebody real money, so somebody looked at that and thought it was the best choice they had to spend money on.  So who's the target?  Who do they think they will sway with these ads? 

All the limousine liberals know who they're voting for; New York City and San Francisco are a lock for Obama; the battleground is a handful of states largely in flyover country.  Let me let them in on a secret: most working class folks in those states are what the president called the "bitter clingers" and they don't think out of wedlock sex is a Good Thing.  They see about a billion times more of the real environment than a big city liberal ever would and have very little use for the EPA wet dream the zombie kids are selling.  And they really don't like people pitting their kids against them.  Further, I'll bet most of those people think saddling those kids with debt that will never be paid off is a pretty bad plan. 

Actually, I think they told us the answer.  Just two weeks ago, FLOTUS gave a talk telling people to reach out to all the knuckleheads they know and get them out to vote.  That's it!  They're going after the knucklehead vote.  Stupid is as stupid does, you know.


  1. I know you implied it, but I'll go ahead and say it outright: that is their voter base - knuckleheads. They can't be so stupid as to think they will influence many independents with such a lame strategy, so they must be simply trying to hold onto their base, in their fear that they are losing even some of the "I'll vote Democrat no matter what" people.

    I'm hoping this means they are actually as desperate as it makes them seem.

  2. But they win enough elections and come close in the others - up until Obama they seemed to campaign intelligently. Maybe the knuckleheads now form a majority (or soon will)...so they don't care anymore.