Saturday, November 8, 2014

Belated BAG Day

On Tuesday, election day, adopted as Buy A Gun day in the gunnie blogosphere, I wrote a little piece on the 2013 sales bubble, concluding with, "We have a new gun show within a half hour drive this weekend.  Maybe we'll  have a belated BAG day." 

And we did.  Meet the new occupant in the safe:
This, of course is a Sig Sauer P238, a mini (micro?) 1911 in 380ACP.  Sig Sauer calls the finish and model Rosewood Tribal.  The safety, slide latch and a couple of other pieces have an anodized titanium look.  The stainless slide has purple graphics on the side and top.  The grips are rosewood, or perhaps cocobolo, also called rosewood.

For no particular reason, other than that the P238 has been calling me since before I bought my Taurus TCP  2 1/2 years ago.  And a guy who calls himself SiG ought to at least try one Sig. 


  1. BAG day is tax day. So really belated, but not election day.

    Ammo day is in November. The 19th.

  2. Very nice. I acquired one of these several years ago for my wife. Couple of comments ...

    If you find the ejection of spent cartridges a mite "energetic", swap out the recoil spring.

    A recoil spring for the Colt Mustang seems to be a perfect match to tame the ejection.

    Also, be aware that the P238 safety can be toggled "on" when the hammer is in the half-cock position - but DOES NOT prevent hammer-drop if the trigger is pulled with the hammer in half-cock.

    Hans ... in the NC woods

  3. Thanks Hans! I'll keep that in mind. Funny thing is that the Colt Mustang was another one that kept calling me. I also like 1911s as a pattern, although I still don't own one. I find they aim completely naturally for me.

    McThag, that was the first one I've seen (April 15), but since that time I've seen others use both days. First off, who cares? It's not like it's a widely recognized or "official" (in any way) holiday. Second off, isn't every day a good day to buy a new gun?

  4. My wife will be rather put out if I "have" to observe two BAG days, but we must suffer for our art do we not?

    I decided that tax day would be gun day because doing both guns and ammo in November often makes things financially too tight.

    My path to a P238 led from wanting a Mustang as well.

  5. LOL. I understand. I have the advantage of a wife that doesn't question it because she likes to go shooting, too. But it's the first thing either one of us has bought in several BAGs.

    We've had an all day rain, so not a good day to go try her out. Decided to do a little work in the shop, first on the rod-making fixture, and then on the rod I'm building.

    That "rosewood tribal" is a kinda crazy pattern. Not quite "Mexican drug lord" crazy; more like "understated pimp" ;-D