Thursday, November 20, 2014

Srsly, Obama?

So Organizing for America, the perpetual campaign organization, posted this picture about tonight's amnesty speech to the Twitter:
Srsly?  Strengthen our economy?  By bringing in a large supply of workers to compete for what few jobs there are and hold wages down? 

How large a supply?  Reporters at the Daily Caller say the number will equal all of the jobs created since 2009.  Which means those new immigrants will probably go directly on the public dole. 

Sense of Events posted a link to this IJR piece on who pays for everything in this country, and who will pay for the new immigrants being on the dole.  
I'm thinking this action will make the top quintile's bar go up and the lower quintiles' bars go down. 

To the extent our immigration system is "broken" as he always says, it's because they don't enforce the laws.  Our tax system is truly broken; it's a system Stalin would be proud of. 


  1. It's Cloward & Piven all over again! Tax the system until it breaks, then offer up the new (benign) communist/fascist overlord to fix it!


  2. It's also worth noting that in addition to income taxes that property taxes pay for a lot of the cost of illegal and legal immigrants. Property tax has become the prime way of redistributing wealth from the middle class and the lower middle class to the entitled class. When I purchase a home I can afford the down payment of 20%, I can afford the loan payment and the insurance premium. But the cost that forces me to buy a lesser home or not to buy my dream home is the cost of property taxes now and into the future. School funding from my property tax goes up every year and a large percentage of that increase is the school costs associated with illegal and legal immigrants. I can't avoid it. Other components of the property tax increase every year as well because of illegal and legal immigration. This isn't fair to the vast majority of working Americans and worse it isn't sustainable. The burden of these taxes and the increased borrowing by states and cities is going to bankrupt us.