Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bombshell - State Department Terrorism Director in Child Sex Arrest

Just when you think you've heard the worst things about the bureaucrats, you get something disgustingly over the top. 

Daniel Rosen, the State Department's Director of Counter Terrorism was arrested in a sting operation in Fairfax County, Virginia, for soliciting a minor for sex.
Fox News reported that the juvenile was actually a female detective posing as a minor in an operation with the Fairfax County Sheriff’s Child Exploitation Unit. The unit conducted the investigation and made the arrest, Caldwell said.
This is no small player at State, no low-level flunky.  His LinkedIn page says he is “responsible for all Counter Terrorism Bureau strategic planning, policy planning, program and budget planning and oversight, and legislative relations and interaction.”   He adds that he “oversees $300 million per year in CT programs related to Countering Violent Extremism, Antiterrorism Assistance, Counterterrorism Financing, Counterterrorism Engagement and Regional Initiatives. Manages the Office of Plans and Policy including oversight of 20+ personnel.”

Like a large percentage of engineers, I spent some time in the "dark" world and have had my fair share of security clearances.  They'll tell you that one of the main purposes of the background investigation is not to find out if you're really friends with Boris and Natasha, but to see if there are things in your background you can be easily blackmailed with.  Do you think this guy could be compromised?  Anyone at State with the tiniest particle of brain lodged in their skull has so know that Russia, Iran, and anyone politically against us is working full time at trying to find someone just like Director Rosen.  How much of our counter terrorism defense has been compromised by having an evil perv in the office? 

Unfortunately, as I tend to say, "Don't worry.  It's not that bad.  It's worse".  Last year, The Blaze network's investigative reporting show, For The Record, ran an episode called "Honor Fight" about epic evil like this from top to bottom in the State Department. The episode featured whistle blowers who would only come forward to The Blaze after being assured the stories would really run (after proper checking of course; everyone knows that allegations like this against the will bring more lawyers than advertising your product with Mickey Mouse endorsing them).   Watch this teaser for the show.

After he revealed that high level state department employees were involved in hiring prostitutes, and hiring children for sex while out of the country, John Kerry sued whistle blower Rick Higbie.  If you're a whistle blower, as they say in the video, they will use every last lever at their disposal to break you and make your life miserable. 

State Department officials soliciting children for sex?  Ropes, rails and hot tar.  Then the lamp posts.  


  1. I know some may disagree but here it is anyway:
    What in the hell is the police doing trolling on-line? Did they run out of crimes to investigate? Seems like they have too much time on their hands. I bet if you checked most of the officers in this force have been paid for overtime and they are wasting time trolling on the internet.

  2. Those that control the show probably have plenty of blackmail on those in power. He probably got out of line or was needed to be used as an example.

    Not that he doesn't deserve the tar, feathers and rope...


  3. Anon 10:38

    Since the preponderance of arranging sex with minors has moved to the Internet, many departments have officers "trolling" the Web. They look at web sites, chat rooms, and other venues where it is possible to set up stings in order to get some of these low-life, chid molesting scum arrested and taken out of "circulation".

    I've been out of law enforcement for many years now, but it is my understanding that these predators often arrange meetings on the Internet with minors by pretending to be minors themselves. The officers who have to wade through this filth in order to stop these predators have my greatest respect.

  4. Aristocrats all throughout history tell you they're helping you by managing you like sheep, but what they're really doing is having sex with the wrong people while standing on your neck and stealing your work output.

    Government is a religion that most people don't want to give up. I bet the German Jews on the trains were busy writing a stern letter to their elected representatives.

  5. I would only note that the "Ropes, rails and hot tar. Then the lamp posts." are deserved not only by those State Department officials, but also by the "Law Enforcement" and "Legal" system who will ensure nothing of the sort is done to Mr. Rosen and the many like him.

    Laws are only for Little People.

  6. Reg T
    But WHY?
    Today, no law has been broken, but in police departments all over the U.S. literally thousands of cops sit all day at a desk spending tens of thousands of hours a day to "lure" someone into breaking the law. WHY??? Are the departments SOOO over funded that they can afford to do this? Are there no law breakers out there they could spend their time to catch? WHY spend hours trying to cause someone to break the law so you can brag about how good you are at catching them. This is an activism we do not need. Has it eliminated child sex? Obviously not. It is a HUGE waste of time and money in an attempt to cause someone to break the law so you can catch them. WTF! Is this what our police should be doing? Stop wasting our money and spend your time catching the bad guys. The catch and release program for illegals allows literally a thousand times more sex offenders to go out and harm children. Our priorities are sooooo misplaced.

  7. Prostitution, whether you think it should be legal or not, is an easily available alternative. These guys that predate on little girls are truly sick. I don't think its about the sex, I think its something broken in their brains and lacking in their moral code. I wish we would be harder on these creeps to discourage all the others out there that are not caught.

  8. It depends on what you mean by "little girls". If you mean children who have not reached puberty than you are correct it is something "broken" in their brain (not too different from homosexuality). If you mean a girl who has passed puberty than you are unaware that god/mother nature intended that after puberty humans should have sex to procreate the species. We have decided that girls under the age of 18 shouldn't have sex (under the age of 15 in some states and 16 in some states). And even then we make an exception if the male having sex with them is also under the age of 18. So in fact we punish 18 year old boys for having sex with their 17 year old girlfriends. In fact that was the case that went to the Supreme court. A father in California didn't like his daughters boyfriend so on the day the boy turned 18 he filed a charge of statutory rape. Incidently the gilr turned 18 three days later. The Supremes upheld the law. So therefore it would have been perfectly legal to set the age to 21 if the state wanted to. Don't laugh in the state I grew up in 21 was the legal age of consent for boys and 18 for girls. And yes there were cases where 18 year old girls went to jail for having sex with 20 year old boys. But don'tcha see that would exactly come under the rule of these 18 year old girls that are predators of 20 year old boys. So it gets very muddy very quickly. Should we be putting teenagers in jail for having sex with other teens? We do, lots of teens went to jail for having sex with their girl/boy friends.

    But of course the law is the law. My objection is NOT that this man goes to jail for having sex with an underaged girl. BUT he did not! He will go to jail because an over-aged "girl" lured him into entrapment and he never broke a law. One could argue he intended to just as I intended to run a red light the other day but the guy in front of me stopped and I couldn't get by him. I didn't run the red light and thus I didn't break a law, should I have gotten a ticket?

  9. Anon,

    Boy, you sure do seem to work up a rather large fantasy from very few facts.

    There is zero need for entrapment when it comes to child sex crimes. As Graybeard's post indicates, they can be found anywhere you turn over a stone, including in the White House.

    Trolling chat rooms and such, an officer - usually a member of the sec crimes division - lurks in chat rooms and at web sites that cater to child porn, waiting and watching for the ind of messages or chat that appears to be someone interested in "connecting" with a child. I don't know the procedure, because we didn't have the Internet back during my brief stint in Sex Crimes).

    There is absolutely zero need for entrapping someone. There are far more perverts out there than you might imagine. All it takes is a little training to recognize the patterns used by pedophiles along with some patience in recognizing them when they start their "dance".

    If an adult tries to set up a physical meet with an actual child, there is obviously something wrong going on. If an officer sees someone like that and arranges a meet, it is simply a sting, not an entrapment. There is no earthly excuse for an adult male to be setting up a meet with a child he is not related to.

    As I've said, I've been away from law enforcement for a while (twenty years), and things have changed. What _hasn't_ changed is the number of perverts who target children, boys as well as girls.

    And there is a zero percentage of pedophiles who have been rehabilitated. Psychiatry, social work, religion, medication, even physical castration - none of them work. The drive to molest isn't simply sexual. Similar to rape, it is also the drive to control.

    There are apologists for pedophiles who will tell you the recidivism rate isn't 100%, but they are lying. The only ones that don't return to molesting children are those who are in prison and those who are dead.

    And it happens to also be a fact that they a end up escalating until they start killing their victims. So, my best wishes go to those officers, many of them female, who work Sex Crimes against children.

    And Mark - you know I'm basically in agreement with you about today's cops. But I truly _do_ like the ones who locate and bag these pedophiles. There is no crime I find more obscene and repulsive. Those monsters deserve to swing. Solid proof of the crime should result in a sentence of death, and not an easy exit like lethal injection. The lamppost or burning at the stake works for me.

  10. "There is no earthly excuse for an adult male to be setting up a meet with a child he is not related to."

    I don't disagree... except what if the "child is 17 years and 11 months old and the "adult male" is 18? Should the "adult male still do 10-20 in prison? What if the "child" is 15 is sexually active and like older men (say 25) and it doesn't matter if you stop and arrest some older guy she will simply find another? Let's see she is 15 and has 900 days or so before she is 18 and she could if she tried put 900 men in jail while she searches for "mister right". Are they all pedophiles???
    In my opinion what most people think of when they think about a "pedophile" is someone who is looking to abuse a child between toddler to puberty. Once a boy or girl goes through puberty and especially in today's world they usually explore their sexuality. Technically it is againt the law for female or males under the age of 18 to have sex with anyone regardless of age. BUT we kind of ignore that and go after the guys/boys. If you have children and your 18 year old daughter has a 17 year old boyfriend I can assure you the chances of her being arrested for statutory rape are zippo. Not the other way around however. If you are an 18 year old boy and your 17 year old girfrind's father files charges you will for the rest of your life have to register as a sex offender. Call it doube standard, call it discrimination, what ever. The laws were not intended to fit todays "standards" they were intended to fit some dreamed up standard of 50-200 years ago where daughters were protected, didn't go on dates and could only be in the same room with a boy if grandma was there too. Today girls have sex. I know, it's a suprise to me too, but it's true. So if some girl is in a chat room looking to hook up with a stranger who should we put in jail??? If the guy is 10 days older we beat them with rubber hoses. If the guy is one year older we put them in jail for a year. If the guy is five years older we put them in jail for five years, etc. Does any of this make sense??? What if we simply recognized that the statutory rape construct is and was always stupid reflecting an Elizabethan belief system. If two people choose to have sex either that is their right and not our place to stick our nose into it OR let's punish them both.

    I live in a small town, 55,000 or so. I bet every night about half of the teenagers in this town indulge in sex. Should they all go to jail? I bet perhaps 10% of those teens have sex with someone who is legally an adult. Should he or she go to jail? Perhaps a small segment, say 2% of those teens have sex with someone over 25 years old. Should he or she go to jail? I know what you mean is the "perverts" should go to jail but is all/any consensual sex perverted?

    If there was some way to catch the "predator"; i.e. someone who would rape or drug a victim, then I am 110% with you. But to label everyone a predator or pervert who is seeking consensual sex is a slippery slope. Then to compound that by luring in a man (because we ignore women who might do this) who is seeking consensual sex and charging him with a serious crime EVEN though no crime was committed seems over the top.

    I am a 71 year old father, a grandfather and a great grandfather. I worry about my kids and grandchildren. But I learned long ago that once they reach their teens yu are not in control. They do stupid things. You try to guide them, you try to teach them, but they do what they want to. If a child chooses to be sexually active throwing people in jail will not "fix" them and it isn't justice either. It is an Elizabethan mindset that someone somewhere is enjoying themselves and it's gotta stop! Put these policemen/women on gang duty and let them arrest the people who are killing and selling our children drugs.