Thursday, February 19, 2015

Little Buddy Had A Rough Day

My little cat buddy Mojo had a rough day today.  He had two teeth extracted during what we thought was going to be a routine cleaning.  I don't know anyone who successfully brushes their cat's teeth, although they say it can happen.  Maybe I need to broach that subject with Moe after he's done healing.  He has a tendency to build up tartar and hard plaque on his teeth (strangely, just like I do).  I think it's from his allergies (strangely, just like I have, although we're not blood relatives)

Mojo in a favorite place: on top of some dark colored pants where his white fur really shows up.  On an armoir shelf that's about 5 1/2 feet up and hard to get to.

He's a bit sore, hasn't really talked all night (very strange) but isn't wobbly from the anesthesia like he was a few hours ago when I got home.  The doctor's visit led to this conversation via email:
MrsGraybeard:  The doctor said they had to remove two teeth that were bad.  He'll be knocked out a few hours before I can go pick him up.
Me:  My God that's rough! The poor little guy. Get him some whipped cream or beluga caviar or WHATEVER HE WANTS
MrsGB: How do you get get eggs from those whales, anyway?
Me: It's really rough. The tampons to catch an egg are the size of baseball bat, but bigger around. And dragging them through the water in SCUBA gear?  That was rough.  Not to mention that they don't particularly like it when you try to collect their eggs.  I'm not trying that again!


  1. How is he doing a couple of days post extraction?

  2. Terry - he's doing better. Nice thing about surgery is that it's temporary, and it's not unusual to see patients get better by the hour.

    By yesterday after work, he was acting like himself, even chatting like crazy.

  3. Did yer wife smack you alongside the head after that doozy?

  4. Yeah.. She did. Not too hard. I didn't lose consciousness.

    She's a Jersey girl. You know that joke, right?