Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Comey's Copout

By now, everyone has heard about FBI director Comey's refusal to prosecute the Hildebeest for federal crimes related to handling of classified information.  At the least, she perjured herself at least a dozen times with her lies about handling her emails (some examples here) but under some nebulous, never-before-used definition of "intent", there's no reason to punish her for these crimes. 

I have to admit to being more disheartened and discouraged by this ruling than anything I can think of in the last couple of years.  It feels like it may well be the most corrupt ruling I've ever seen from the US government on anything in my life.  The director of the FBI has singlehandedly struck a mortal blow to the rule of law in America and simultaneously turned the FBI into a laughing stock agency that no one can possibly take seriously anymore.  We have transitioned into that dangerous territory of a nation Without Rule of Law.

Someone said Comey did a masterful job of putting together a speech.  Given 15 minutes, he spent 13 of them listing every federal felony and other crime that Hillary committed.  Then he spent the last 90 seconds explaining he was going to do nothing, turned and walked off stage without taking questions or interacting at all.  It was like some bizarre anti-car commercial: he spent 13 minutes telling you why it was the worst car in the world, then switched over to 90 seconds telling you you're stuck with it.  It was the ultimate bait and switch for people who think these laws are important - as important as their equitable application to everyone.
This is beyond outrage. Everyone who has carried a Top Secret clearance and had access to Top Secret information knows that Clinton has criminally violated the laws protecting classified information. These laws serve a purpose. Protecting security secrets is essential to protecting America. 
If you're thinking someone on the left has a franchise on horses' heads to stuff into the beds of chickenshits like Comey, isn't the FBI director supposed to be the kind of guy who will stand up to thugs like the mafia or the drug cartels without backing down due to personal fear?  Isn't the "Chief Law Enforcement Officer" of the country supposed to be fearless, willing to fight the thugs?  At 72, Rudy Guiliani comes across as much more fearless than the 55 year old Comey.  

I suppose like all of us, I'm trying to figure out what living WROL means in day to day life.   Kurt Schlicter's great piece on Townhall yesterday gives us some guidance, but still leaves lots of gray.
Think about it. If you are out driving at 3 a.m., do you stop at a stop sign when there’s no one coming? Of course you do. You don’t need a cop to be there to make you stop. You do it voluntarily because this is America and America is a country where obeying the law is the right thing to do because the law was justly made and is justly applied. Or it used to be.
So if you are still obeying the law when you don’t absolutely have to, when there isn’t some government enforcer with a gun lurking right there to make you, aren’t you kind of a sucker?

Don’t you feel foolish, like you’re the only one who didn’t get the memo that it’s every man/woman/non-binary entity for his/her/its self?
Do you obey new gun laws - if there isn't that "government enforcer with a gun" standing right there?  Do you obey any new restrictions on any of your freedoms; again without that government enforcer pointing his gun at you?  This is important.  A couple of weeks ago, after the Orlando terrorist attack, lots of blogs linked to a video by my county sheriff, Wayne Ivey.  I respect him and I think he's the kind of law enforcement officer that I wish James Comey was.  

Ted Cruz put it this way:
"While I have tremendous respect for the dedicated men and women of the FBI, I have serious concerns about the integrity of Director Comey’s decision, and how it threatens the rule of law.

"Director Comey has rewritten a clearly worded federal criminal statute. In so doing, he has come dangerously close to saying that grossly negligent handling of classified information should not result in serious consequences for high-level officials. In a nation where the rule of law is supposed to matter, this is troubling.
I can't help but feel it's beyond troubling.  It's more like the nadir of our Republic.  Born July 4, 1776.  Died July 5, 2016.


  1. In that video, Sheriff Ivey talks the good talk. In reality, though, he is merely practicing taqiyya. Or as US "Law Enforcement" call it, "testilying". The good ol' sheriff has his officers assigned to the Central Florida Intelligence Exchange on Hazeltine Drive in Orlando. In spite of its name, that is one of Jeh's DHS Fusion Centers, paid for with DHS funds and run according to his dictates. Ivey and his Gestapo will do WHATEVER they are told by their FedPig overlords. As they have already done. Remember Fast and Furious? Do you REALLY think that was the only such operation run by one lone Field Division in a federal agency with roughly 25 such Field Divisions across the country. Our local is in Tampa. Their version was Operation Castaway, running weapons to Communist terrorists supporting former president Zelaya in Honduras. Congressman Gus Bilirakis of Florida's 12th Congressional district from the Tampa area heard about Castaway and asked for an accounting back in July of 2011. It is now July of 2016 and NOT EVEN ONE of the five "Law Enforcement" agencies involved has yet bothered to answer his request. The BCSO sure was busy shredding documents and deleting files as soon as they heard of that request, however. Sheriff Ivey as the "kind of law enforcement officer that I wish James Comey was"? You need to get out a little more often. You have a very sheltered world view.

  2. Mr Rawles has a great point about the emails

    In other words someone had to copy them in order to get them into unsecured email. That in itself is a far more serious crime than what the FBI exonerated Hillary of and would also include conspiracy. WHY wasn't that investigated? Someone, her co-conspirators, blatantly copied classified data to be sent over an insecure system at Hillary's request. This wasn't simply inadvertent and careless it was intentional and illegal.

  3. Great post, I wholeheartedly agree, but I do have to point out that technically the attorney general (aka Loretta Lynch, that paragon of ethics and virtue...I think I'm going to be sick) is the "Chief Law Enforcement Officer" of the nation. Comey is just the head of an institution that never should have existed in the first place...or at least never should have had the power to arrest people.

    1. Right you are. Comey is the chief of the FBI, Loretta Lynch bears the title of Chief Law Enforcement Officer. I'll note she doesn't seem to consider it a burden or obligation of any sort.

  4. Comey simply did not want to get Ron Browned or Vince Fostered.

    Simple desire to live, and many who cross the Clinton political machine do not have such good luck.

    Look at the list of Clinton associates who have been mysteriously met an untimely death, it is in the dozens.

    The only president to have so many die around him was Eisenhower, but that was during WWII when he was commander of all forces.

    1. That's exactly my point when I say, "isn't the FBI director supposed to be the kind of guy who will stand up to thugs like the mafia or the drug cartels without backing down due to personal fear?" Isn't he supposed to be fearless and willing to stand up to the thugs?

      Sure it's tough, but nobody forced him to run the FBI. He could have settled for a lower level office in life, where the chances of family members being threatened are lower.

  5. Great post, and linking.

    I was telling my wife the other day about what I was required to do when I had certain documents in my possession.

    I had to sign them out from the Document Control Officer.

    If I so much as had to go to the bathroom, or eat lunch, I had to sign them back in.

    They were NOT to be out of my sight, let alone physical hands.

    The Hildebeast also gave a USB drive to her lawyer so he could review some documents, and decide which other should be deleted.

    Since her lawyer had NO clearance whatsoever, she committed another crime right there.

    The implications of this are simply staggering.

    I'm predicting MASSIVE voter fraud in November. The Clinton's will lie, steal, and cheat any way they possibly can so she "wins" the election.

    And I mean voter fraud that will be simply breathtaking.

    Voter fraud that would make Richard J. Daley blush....

  6. Americans didn't receive equal treatment before the law prior to Hillary. Did Ted Kennedy get equal treatment after fleeing the scene of his accident which drowned Mary Jo Kopechne? How about when Nixon said, "Well, when the president does it, that means it is not illegal."?

    I'm trying to figure out what living WROL means in day to day life.

    The same hazards existed last week, life was just as dangerous. All that's changed is now you recognize the danger exists.

    Do you obey any new restrictions on any of your freedoms; again without that government enforcer pointing his gun at you?

    How do you justify obeying OLD restrictions on any of your freedoms, which are just as morally invalid as new restrictions? Gun laws 1 to 20,000 are just as bogus as gun law 20,001.

  7. The Feds had absolutely no trouble taking Martha Stewart down just for lying. But Hillary lies and compromises classified information, and no reasonable prosecutor would pursue that? Really?!?

  8. Oh G_D why! You act stunned. You act hurt. You act like the system isn't doing exactly what it is supposed to do. Some people in the system ARE better than others. They are untouchable. They ARE royal. If you don't like it. If you don't like being the property of others with no law other than the "golden rule" ( Whoever has the gold makes the rules) Then you better take your happy A** out and start shooting. Because there has been no other viable solution for a long LONG time.

  9. I agree that we have been WROL for quite a while now. Since long before Jan 1, 2009, although it has become incredibly blatant since Obama took office.

    The FBI hasn't actually become a laughing stock - just ask Snowden. Their "integrity" has certainly been proven a laugh, but they will continue to hunt down those who disagree with their bosses, making victims of their biased law enforcement efforts anything but amused.

    It has been this way for years now, though. When was the last time Al Sharpton paid his taxes? Yet Christians and conservative groups like the Tea Party have suffered at the hands of the IRS, and the FBI continues to treat conservative dissenters as domestic terrorists.

    1. I would just note there's a lot of difference between being a "laughing stock" and "able to hurt me". I laugh at lots of people who are fully capable of hurting me.

      The FBI's professionalism is gone. It may not be possible to get it back. It certainly can not be gotten back by wantonly hurting innocent parties.

  10. My concern is not with the classified material at all. Its worse than that. I sincerely think the Clinton's set up that Foundation as a means to get rich and amass power by trading favors for money. Old time corruption.

    To do that, they needed a way to communicate with those who were buying them off. Hence the mail server in her basement. For 15 years Hillary and Bill were able to trade favors by the Senator and Secy of State for millions of dollars. Supposedly, her current campaign is 20% funded by just one bunch of nasty crooks - the Saudi family.

    Those deleted emails would have shown the world exactly how corrupt those two are. I don't think the FBI tried too hard finding them either. They were not personal at all, but rather evidence of corruption.

    The Clintons spun all this as a problem with handling classified material. But that's not the case, IMHO.

    As further proof consider this: Hillary testified UNDER OATH to the Congress about the classified stuff. She clearly lied (PERJURY) at least a dozen times, given the statement by Comey. Why hasn't Congress, controlled by Republicans, charged her with Perjury? Congress is equal in power to the Executive, they have the Constitutional right. But nothing. Ryan complains about 6 pointed stars instead.

    1. You mean like how Hillary got US uranium reserves sold to Russia, so that they could sell uranium to Iran and pocketed $135 Million? That kind of corruption? I think the fix was in and Comey wouldn't have investigated anything. Dead body on the table? "Not my problem".

      FWIW, it's my understanding that proving perjury is exceptionally hard, so that's why it's hardly ever used. Not that this particular fact kept the FBI from hanging Martha Stewart over lying to them, or anything.