Thursday, October 5, 2017

I Wish I'd Seen This In 2014

Back when we were starting to work on the addition to the house for my shop. 
Even better than 30 years from now, it would be great to mess with some future archaeologist! 


  1. Some poor bastard. All he wanted was new deck, now he has the homicide squad, the native antiquities people, and seven thousand lawyers breathing down his neck.
    The concept however, has great potential, especially if the skeleton is real.

  2. Know any liberals in your neighborhood? Even if you only have time to shove one arm into the dirt of their yard, with a hand or just some fingers visible . . .

  3. Or how about a job-site, with open excavation going on, maybe even some concrete work. Along with the skeleton, leave a blank page torn from an really old book picked up at a thrift shop/Salvation Army store, with the signature "James Hoffa" scrawled on it in blue ink.

  4. Dude, you're thinking small potatoes.

    You don't think er, someone... has pounded a baggie full of vintage 6.5 Carcano brass into a baker's dozen spots - including all over the Grassy Knoll - around Dealey Plaza in Dallas?

    And until relatively recently, you could buy actual skeletons from anatomical companies, which takes this to a whole level beyond finding a plastic one.

    Posting this for a friend.

    1. I remember a small group of guys who, back in 1967, when the University of Arizona in Tucson was finishing construction on their new med school building, broke into the building one night, looking for a cadaver to sit up on a couch in one of the nearby sororities.

      They were a bit premature, though, as the cold lockers hadn't been stocked yet. It was the thought that counted, though. It was a lot of fun. The idea of what they attempted, I mean.

  5. Oh you have an evil streak! Couldn't you just leave a time capsule or something more fun? But that might actually give someone a heart attack!