Monday, October 2, 2017

Here We Are Again

Another horrific mass murder.  Another scumbag who is miserable in life and thinks it's his prerogative to give everyone else his misery.  Unless Isis isn't just taking credit for nothing and he really is one of theirs. 

I'm sickened by not just the attack itself, but by the immediate reaction that it's time for more gun control.  If Weapons Man was right, there's about 600 Million guns in America.  That means all of about 1 millionth of 1 percent were involved in this attack.  So naturally we need to go after all the innocent people who did nothing today.

You know what?  I was going to post some of the idiocy from Hillary, Shannon, and all the anti-gun idiots who are thrilled to be out dancing in the blood again, but I just don't have it inside.  The comments are so appallingly stupid, I just can't even. 

Let's mourn for the dead, let's rally to help the wounded, let's wait for healing to take place.  We'll start the fights some other time. 


  1. Always thought those bump fire stocks were useless and just a gimmick.
    I guess a madman found a practical use for them...
    Expect a ban soon on those eh ?
    I find it slightly suspect that this happened , just when CONgress is deliberating suppressors...
    I want to scream at the talking heads on the boob tube, when they state that if the weapon had been suppressed , the crowd wouldn't have known where to look...idiots ! It only is suppressed for the user primarily. Downrange report is not much less.
    Ignorance runs rampant in the topic eh ?

    Fact s, we will never run out of mad men and evil does. Such is life.

  2. want to scream at the talking heads on the boob tube, when they state that if the weapon had been suppressed, the crowd wouldn't have known where to look. Their inspiration was a Hildebeest tweet. Sorta their "moron in chief".

    There was some idiot on MSNBC saying hunters want silencers so the deer can't hear them.

    Maybe it's just me, but if someone asked me to make a report on something I know nothing about, there's this little thing called "research". I think I'd do some.

    Fact is, we will never run out of mad men and evil does. Such is life. Absolute truth.

  3. Also being an engineer, I get insight from numbers. The 538 website has a surprisingly even handed treatment given their Left wing leanings.
    Some interesting factoids:
    2/3 of the 33,000 deaths with guns per year are due to suicides.
    66% of gun murder victims have dark skin
    Women are far less likely than men to be murdered (and also to commit suicide by gun)

    Not at, but fires, some of them deliberately set, cause far more deaths than mass shootings. I grew up in Tucson and remember clearly the Pioneer hotel fire of 1970 that killed 28 people and was deliberately set. Other fires, if not deliberately set were caused by criminal stupidity such as the recent warehouse fire in Oakland, CA that killed 36 people. Here is a list of recent hotel fires on Wikipedia

    The Left is of course totally uninterested in any rational discussion. I think this is due to the fact that they want to control people so that can force them into their vision of heaven on earth and guns put a serious crimp in their plans.


    1. Thanks for the resources, Bob.

      A fundamental problem with trying to make sense of so-called "gun deaths" is that there is so much junk passing around as knowledge. I have no idea how trustworthy 538 is in this piece, but just getting started in it, I don't see any obvious crap, and that's refreshing.

      Two things I've heard that relate to your points are (1) the number of suicides stays relatively constant in situations where guns are taken away. People find another way to kill themselves. On the "women are less likely to commit suicide by gun", I've read they're more likely to use drug overdose and other, less violent ways. (2) on the 66% of murder victims having dark skin, John Lott points out that 2% of the counties in the US account for 51% of the murders. Literally half of the murders in the US occur in a few zip codes. The highest 5% of cities had 68% of murders. Another researcher, Robert Muggah (Igarapé Institute) says “that 99% of violence in the USA is concentrated in 5% of street addresses.“

      54% of the counties in the US had zero murders.

      "Gun violence" is very, very concentrated by address into a tiny handful of urban areas.

      I keep hearing back and forth on whether or not this guy used an automatic or a bump fire stock. Using a full auto gun would be stunningly rare. When was the last time someone used a full auto gun in a crime? 1933? AFAIK, a bump fire stock has never been used in a mass shooting. They haven't been around long enough.

  4. Does anyone REALLY think that we will get an honest accounting of this event from the LVMPD, the FBI, and BATFE???

    I would only remind you that LVMPD murdered Eric Scott in cold blood and covered it up. BATFE had Fast and Furious in Phoenix and many similar operations across the country, including Castaway out of their Tampa Field Division, and the FBI - well, let's just say they've been a paragon of truth and honor for at least the past year. Or not...

  5. Bottom line, the killer was evil; but that is a moral judgement, and we are no longer allowed to make those. So the media and the left infer evil on the gun.