Sunday, March 25, 2018

Day 2 Was A Bust

I'm not sure what was up with the show, but we never saw or heard the B-17 today, or the B-25 that was supposed to show up (Panchito).  The T-birds were the only thing we saw and no shot that I took today is better than others I've taken before, so they're all going in the bit bucket.  Here's the best of the "almost" shots - this is the bottom edge of the sensor in the camera.  The rest of the frame was blue sky:

"Missed it by that much". 

Since it was somewhat of a waste today, here's a little shop humor:

I think every mechanic, everybody who has worked on stuff understands this fundamentally. 

I have a couple of good leads on hosting companies to look into.  There's a couple of names that keep showing up in the top few in the ratings I see online.  I'll go look into that some more.


  1. The lower tool has also been nicknamed "the smoke wrench."
    If you work in heavy industry long enough you will find out that using a long enough socket handle extension will allow you to break the socket, or the handle, and the fastener is still stuck.

    1. I had heard "flame wrench" and "Mexican flame wrench", but same thing.

      I saw another version that I let get away that had an angle grinder in it.

  2. aka "The Blue Wrench" long as the flame is properly adjusted....

  3. One of my early bosses just called it a "hot wrench".

    BTW, around about wrench #3, I would add a spray can of PJ1 motorcycle chain lube. Black and yellow label(non o-ring). Let it set for 5 minutes. Absolutely amazing stuff!