Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Florida Gun Owners - the Day of Reckoning Has Been Postponed

I've been following the awful legacy of the Parkland media stars teens as the bills wind their way through the state legislature.  One piece of concentrated awfulness is still alive, and both the Governor and the state GOP Establishment have been pushing different parts of it.

Let me be the first to say that Miguel down at Gun Free Zone has been doing Yeoman's work on this; and he's my go to guy for what's actually going on in that "wretched hive of scum and villainy", Tallahassee.  The updated content is here.

At the time of this writing, there are 231 amendments to the bill.  Every anti-gun idiot in the state has proposed amendments to this.  Miguel lists some important highlights (lowlights?)  F means failed to pass the vote to include.  W means have been withdrawn.
-Universal Background Checks. F
-16 hours of training for CWP. W
-Universal Background Checks part 2. W
-Banning Hollow Points. W (There is another similar amendment still in place)
-Large-capacity magazine. W (There is another similar amendment still in place)
-Manufacturing of weapons by citizens. W
-Risk protection Order, “Allege” that the respondent poses a significant danger. W
-Risk protection Order, “Allege” that the respondent poses a significant danger (part 2). W
– Tax on firearms and ammunition. W
Using simple text searches on that state web page, I see 42 amendments were withdrawn, and another 31 failed.  There were two ruled out of order, and curious to see what out of order meant, found they were particularly egregious (pdf); these attempted to define and outlaw page upon page of "assault weapons" by manufacturer's name/model number and it's simply stunning; pump action shotguns like a Remington TAC-2 or Keltec KSG, pistols, and all sorts of parts.  Forget that "nobody wants to take your guns" bullcrap; those few lines could be interpreted to outlaw virtually everything. 

I've done the emails to the representatives just as I did the senators yesterday, and over the weekend.  I have to say that I was feeling like this was a giant BOHICA and we were going to get shafted again. I'm a bit less fatalistic about it, but they still have plenty of time to screw us over.  The legislative leaders want to do things to get armed staff or teachers in the schools and this is in the senate bill that passed (although badly watered down); the governor has publicly said he's against it.

I don't know what to tell you except that the legislative suggestion is supposed to end the 10th.  The best thing that could happen is for the bill to just die, but my gut feel is that something bad is going to be done to us.

You know, when the frenzy started after Parkland, I just chalked it up to the usual Bloomberg minions dancing in the blood of the victims. As time went by, though, and we saw just how organized this was, everything from busing the kids to Tallahassee within a day or two to beg for gun control, to the CNN Town "Two Hour Hate", to the virtually simultaneous introduction of gun control bills in a bunch of state legislatures, it just seems too organized.

I'm not big on conspiracy theories for the simple reason that everything can't be a conspiracy. Generally, "three men can keep a secret if two of them are dead" as the saying goes.

But this looks and smells like the research was done, the script of what to do was planned, the list of companies to attack was drawn up, and every single step we've witnessed was an operation planned well in advance and waiting for the "GO" command along with a list of things that would trigger a go command.  Does anyone honestly believe those kids just came up with a list of companies to boycott and their demands?  I betcha at least half of them never even heard of the NRA before they started saying they wanted us dead.  This assault on us was an operation that was planned top to bottom.

I'm not ready to go all the way to say our enemies arranging the school shooting, but I can see why people think that.  And they are our enemies. They want us to bow to them and the state. As many, many people have said, they don't hate our guns, they hate us.

Florida Senate - stock photo


  1. Maybe not preplanned down to the shooting, but did the Bloomies have a huge contingency plan ready for the next time, with a well-stocked warchest and crisis workers (publicists, talking heads, star witnesses) all lined up and ready to jump at the drop of a hat? Oh yeah, oh fracking yeah.

    Remember the first rule of the Dems. Never let a tragedy go to waste.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. :)

    And I am going with Andrew on this one. They had pre-planned strategies, polished from previous incidents. There is no way n hell they could plan and move from scratch in about a week's time.

    Remember that when Sandy Hook happened, emails revealed that Everytown was coordinating the celebrities that would appear on the videos and fighting with the Brady Campaign while the bodies of the kids were literally still on the floor of the classrooms.
    They are the enemy, but they do learn from their mistakes except one: They keep thinking we are dumb inbred rednecks.

  3. BOOM! Updated list of companies receiving Trump Tax Cut Bonuses


    ps. would you consider adding CC to your blogroll?

  4. At some point, pig hunting season will open. Because after all, it is THEY who will enforce these "laws". And they are Rove Republicans, one and all, who will do WHATEVER they are told as long as that paycheck keeps comin' in. No morals. No principles. No scruples. And definitely no honor.

  5. There is another threat that we (most gun owners and advocates) don't typically acknowledge.

    One of those threats is the restriction on gun ownership for anyone charged with domestic violence. This law was an enabler for women to get a better deal out of a divorce or to get revenge on an ex-lover. You think it was written to protect battered spouses but it was in fact a divorce lawyers wet dream. I know a divorce lawyer who will not take the client unless she gets a restraining order and alleges some kind of domestic violence.

    Which brings me to number 2; a restraining order. Many states no take away your 2nd amendment rights if there is a restraining order against you. Again most of us are law abiding and we believe that those wit a RO are actually bad people and guilty of something. But in reality they are guilty of pissing off their ex. Often they were jerks, perhaps cheating on her or saying mean things. But the RO is the "revenge porn" of choice for the "scorned woman".

    Now there is reason #3 rearing it's ugly head and this one is crazy, literally: This is the law some states are passing that a friend (acquaintance) or family member can tell the police that someone is crazy or a risk to themselves or others and the police can come into your home and confiscate all your guns and ammo. Now, I'm sure this won't be abused (sarcasm). Here is the kicker that you need to know about. In my state the legislature passed this law and the photo op showed about 8 happy legislators celebrating. Oddly and against all odds all 8 of the smiling happy legislators were women. What is going on here is an anti-male agenda. Just as the previous two examples I gave these things are being pushed by women lawmakers to give women power over the life of their ex's and soon to be ex's for the purpose of enabling revenge.

    By the way this is not an anti-woman narrative. I am in favor of equality and what I have exposed here is the exact opposite.

    1. You're absolutely right. There are provisions for this sort of "Restraining Order" in this bill (SB7026). I'd quote it but at this point any word can be changed.

      I know I've talked about it before in this space and in comments to other blogs, but without "due process" and some sort of checks on this it is absolutely going to turn into the same sort of mess as "domestic violence" has become with divorces. Who decides whether the person is really a risk?

      I think it's Oregon or Washington that now has laws where anyone can allege you're unstable and get your guns confiscated. A neighbor that's mad at you over your dog or kids or whatever? As I understand it.

  6. Time to get a couple of 80% Glock 19 lowers and the Gen3 parts to complete the assembly. Midway has a great deal on the parts.

  7. I am about to buy the jigs and blanks to build more on my own.