Sunday, March 18, 2018

Two Words to Ensure School Safety

Home.  School. 

Get out of the public school system until it can be shown it behaves reasonably.  You'll be your own security, but you won't need security because no psycho like the school shooters will be there.

Ben Shapiro at the Daily Wire has the story of emails he's received from students being forced to walk out last week.
Advocates for this new march say that there is an agenda: gun control. But that’s not the real heart of the march. Students feel compelled to walk out by peer pressure, lest they be labeled uncaring about their fellow students. I’ve received dozens of letters from students expressing exactly this concern, and wondering why only one side of the political agenda is being handed credibility by the media.
You may have heard of Rocklin, California history teacher Julianne Benzel who was suspended with pay for asking students to think about whether it’s appropriate for a school to support a protest against gun violence if they’re not willing to support all protests.
“And so I just kind of used the example which I know it’s really controversial, but I know it was the best example I thought of at the time—a group of students nationwide, or even locally, decided ‘I want to walk out of school for 17 minutes’ and go in the quad area and protest abortion, would that be allowed by our administration?” she said.
In suspending her for two days, although with pay, I suppose the school is answering her question very clearly as well as answering the students writing Ben Shapiro about "why only one side of the political agenda is being handed credibility by the media"; only one side is considered valid by the schools.

Ben Shapiro uses the analogy of the Women's March - many of the organizers of which were involved in organizing the Student Walk Out last Wednesday and are involved in organizing the wider student protest being set up in  DC.
This walkout is all about posturing. It’s not about change any more than the Women’s March was about change. Attendees at the Women’s March had a bevy of clashing agendas, none of which materialized into a program for change; the only point of the Women’s March was to label those who didn’t support the march enemies of women. Now it’s the Children’s March, designed toward the same end.
Furthermore, Ben says he has received dozens of emails like this:
  • From a 17-year-old high school student: “tomorrow my school is having a walkout at 10:00 ‘for the 17 students who were killed in the Parkland, Fl shooting.’ The walkout, however, here at my school, is not really about that. It is being promoted by an anti-gun/leftist political agenda that I just don’t and can’t support, especially using the 17 kids that were MY AGE as a platform. I was wondering what you would say to people who want to call me ‘insensitive’ and ‘a terrible person.’”
  • From another 17-year-old high school student: “The reason I am emailing is because my school is having a walkout on March 14th. They say in an email that this walkout is to advocate for gun reform but they also say that we are walking to honor the victims of the parkland massacre. I am in favor of walking to honor the victims, but not in favor of promoting gun reform. I feel like I have to choose between going against my political values or looking like a bad person. I need help. What do I do?”
  • From another high schooler: “My high school is participating in the walkout on Wednesday, and I am unsure what to do. I am very against gun control and don't want to protest congress for something they are doing right, if that makes sense. However, I don't want to be singled out by students as someone who ‘doesn't care about the students who died.’ Should I participate and conform to avoid humiliation and honor the students or should I remain in class alone? I don’t know if the walkout is more about gun control or honoring the students.”
  • From a 16-year-old high schooler today: “It is ignoring the fact that most gun violence is against blacks with handguns. Ignoring that fact is by definition racist. A nation-wide walk out for a majority white 1 percent is real white privilege and ignorant of the real problem, most gun violence is against blacks with handguns, not assault weapons, and ignoring that would from its core be racist and ignorant."
  • From a high school senior: “Please let me start by saying that I respect the Left's position on the walkout tomorrow, but I do not agree with their solution. I have decided to organize my own walk out to push Right wing beliefs on how to stop school violence…Respect other's opinions and others will respect yours. ‘Here to save lives. Pro-Second amendment.’”
It's bad enough that children are indoctrinated more than educated; taught what to think instead of how to think.  It's bad enough that they increasingly shoved onto a path into (student) debt with little prospect for work (with few exceptions) because everyone has to go to college.  They're increasingly being used as pawns; useful idiots to causes and organizers they likely know nothing about. 

(Getty Images photo from the White House on Walk Out Day, from the Daily Wire)

Final words to Ben Shapiro about the letters quoted above:
These students will not be featured by the media. I’ve recommended that they walk out alongside their classmates, but carry signs reading, “Protect My Life — Arm Law-Abiding Citizens!” Presumably, they’d be ignored even if they did. But like the Women’s March, this walkout is a form of social pressure designed for a photo-op. And that’s too bad. If its advocates want gun control, they ought to call it a gun control march. To suggest that anyone who doesn’t support gun control doesn’t support children — even pro-Second Amendment children themselves, who choose not to support the agenda — is vile bullying.


  1. I'm completely fed up with the left wing folk. Trying not to watch TV because it's all pathetic, uninformed and sad.


    Sending a child to public school is child abuse.

  3. There is a new twist to the story. One of the victims of the shooting was accused and then angrily acknowledged that she and her fellow students had been bullying the shooter for years. She happens to be one of the students who appears and acts as though she too is mentally ill. Do not get me wrong, this in no way excuses the shooter but it may shed some light on how this all happened.