Sunday, July 14, 2019

Long Day - So Some Pictures

Remember my mention of the flywheel I started on yesterday?  When I have to take off cubic inches of metal .010" at a time it's going to take a while.  I faced it and turned it down to (almost) final diameter: 3.77" instead of 3.75, in case I need some more metal (much easier to take off than add).  Then it was time to part off to thickness.  The center hub is going to end up 1-1/8 so the parting off has to leave more than that.  I was going to part the 1-3/4" thick down to 1-1/4".  I think I've spent a real four hours of work on that and I'm still not there.  The first half inch of radius went pretty quickly.  From there on it has been a fight.

So... things I've saved up for just such occasion.

Florida Man gets it right.  A good sized tarpon from a pool float - I'd guess less than 100 pounds, more than 50.  From the weekly Florida Man feature on PJ Media.

Cross section of a cargo container ship during construction.  You can see a guy standing on the top left.  The scale of these vessels always blow my mind.   From a daily email from HomemadeTools.

Finally, I think this is real; it's a member of the US Women's National Soccer Team who isn't full of Trump Derangement Syndrome and hatred of the USA.

You can see the bottom right frame says it's from Trump's campaign team.  I got it from Pinterest.


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  2. I take it the Florida man was chumming with Skittles. Must be how he was able to catch such a good size fish.

    1. The Unicorn pool floats automatically chum. They are unicorns, after all, so they have a Skittles chute.

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