Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Report Out That Antifa Planning on Going More Violent in DC Saturday

Because they've never had to pay a penalty for the violence against anyone they don't like (except for one or two individuals who have gotten a beat down) Antifa is emboldened to go farther.

The site will be a Free Speech rally in Washington DC this Saturday, the 6th.  A link going around takes us to Law Enforcement Today who provides details.  They're not just planning to attack any conservatives that might be there (how would they know unless the person is publicly known?), they're promising a new twist on the favored attack of Islamist terrorists in the UK and EU: acid attacks. 
An ANTIFA member named ‘Pound Your Boy’ posted on a conservative Telegram channel that:
“We already have the Muriatic acid, wax, and balloons.”
Wax?  The specificity of the statement led the rally’s co-organizer, Enrique Tarrio, to contact the FBI and DHS.  Both have assured additional security for the event.  Enrique Tarrio looked into the specifics and found a rather nasty effect is being planned by Antifa.
“According to Tarrio, the threat is especially dangerous due to the use of wax.  Muriatic acid can be purchased in virtually any pool store or home improvement store and is already dangerous on its own with the ability to cause minor burns. It can quickly be washed off with water. By combining the muriatic acid with wax, it will immediately form a film similar to candle wax on the injured person’s skin.”
I would say “minor burns” depends on who's describing it.  I've been burned by muriatic acid and the only reason I didn't have lifelong scarring was getting baking soda on it to neutralize the acid very quickly.  It was in high school chemistry so accidents were expected and planned for.

Of course, in the world of the Internet, Antifa can read the information from FBI, DHS and co-organizer Tarrio as well as the intended audience.  Pound Your Boy replied:
“How’s DC coming along? Cant fight if you cant see. I want to blind as many of you c— suckers as possible. A nice balloon filled with Muriatic acid, covered in wax will so do the job.”
Much like their "free milkshakes" for throwing being handed out last weekend, Antifa can fill balloons with muriatic acid for throwing and hand them out Saturday.   The FBI/DHS should destroy those stands as their first order of business.  A splash on your arm won't kill you, and if it's gotten off promptly may not be a big deal.  A splash in an eye might well blind you, regardless of how fast you move.

The website is for law enforcement, so they go into more details on the messes in Portland, with the Mayor (who is also the police commissioner) telling the police to back off, and more details on the situtation there.  RTWT if you're interested.  The author has a conclusion to the article that's so good I'll borrow it for here:
What does it say when Antifa has literally taken over the streets where they protest, where their lawlessness is so pervasive that even law enforcement agencies are concerned for their safety?

What does it say when a sheriff’s office no longer responds to calls? Is it going to become a scenario where the general public is forced to defend themselves against the violence coming from this far-left group that hides behind masks and helmets?

If it comes to that, then what? Will prosecutors go after those that incite the violence, or will they come after those who were merely defending themselves?

One way or another, something has to be done about these lawless “protestors.” And that something needs to happen soon.
Antifa isn't intending to hurt the DC police, although that might change if they don't roll over and do nothing like the Portland police.  No, they're intending to hurt you, if you show up at the rally.  The only freedom of speech they support is theirs; if you disagree, you're the one they want to blind with acid.  There's some amount of chance that this event goes kinetic and spreads.  Keep your eyes open.

Antifa rally photo from Law Enforcement Today.  You know, Antifa should come down to Florida.  Go outside dressed like that and they'll spontaneously combust.  The whole lot of them will be dead of heat stroke in one day.


  1. Any one of them attempting to throw acid should be shot on sight.

  2. DC with people over for the 4th will not be Portland.

    Love to see these clowns force fed their concoction.

  3. *drjim-If possible, shoot the acid container while it's still among them.

  4. The weapon as described constitutes a DEADLY weapon and justifies use of deadly force to prevent it being used. The problem is ANTIFA doesn't commit these crimes in places where THEY woild be arrested..... They do this in places like Portland where the politicians in charge order LEO to ignore ANTIFA crimes but arrest ANYONE defending themselves from ANTIFA.

  5. And don't forget their new idea of concrete in milkshake cups.

  6. Anti-mask laws have been upheld by the SCOTUS and it has worked against antifa in states who have it. Plus the irony of KKK laws being used against them is delicious.

  7. If the masked antifa thugs come to Florida, they may discover that Florida, unlike DC and other liberal enclaves has a stand your ground law and getting a concealed carry license is fairly easy if you qualify. There are also a LOT of senior citizens that are not young and strong, therefore more likely to perceive masked thugs assaulting them as a deadly threat.
    Therefore, if the heat don't get 'em, Granny and Grampaw may.

  8. They'll get away with acid blinding attacks once.
    After that, they're going to be treated as land pirates: shoot on sight wherever encountered, no regs, and screw the bag limit.
    Survivors will be strangled on the spot.

    This is what happens when you step outside the law like that: you are completely and totally outside the protection of it.

    And if they happen to get gunned down in droves whist boarding their busses to go back to mommy's basement, boo frickin' hoo.
    No safe spaces for terrorists.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.