Friday, August 14, 2020

If I Was an Oregonian, This is Not What I'd Want to See

According to the Oregonian, the State Police have pulled their State Troopers out of Portland and returned them to their regular duties around the state.  They will no longer put their troopers on the line against the rioters in Portland, since the city will do nothing to stop them and the county has said most people will never be charged.  

State police committed to two weeks “and that two weeks ended today,” said spokesman Capt. Timothy R. Fox.

“We’re in a county that’s not going to prosecute this criminal behavior,” Fox added.

It was a pointed reference to Tuesday’s announcement by new Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt that his office won’t pursue many of the charges against demonstrators, including disorderly conduct, interfering with a police officer and even riot in some circumstances.

The state police have been in Portland since a July 30th agreement between Governor Kate Brown and the US Department of Homeland Security.  Yes, this was an agreement to the get the DHS out of Portland, where they had deployed special officers to protect Federal property in Portland; the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse in downtown Portlandistan.  

While I can understand the state police wanting to GTFO of Portland, I think if I was living in Oregon, I'd prefer it if the State Police were to arrest the Portland city government, from the Mayor down as appropriate, charge them with dereliction of duty, and put them all into state prison to await trial.  That's because I don't know if the state recognizes treason as an offense, and to be honest, I don't know if they have dereliction of duty in their laws, either.  Just Get. Them. Out. Of. There.  Impeach?  Recall?  Tar and Feathers?  I'm easy. 

The Oregonian notes:

It’s unclear what the departure will mean at the federal courthouse as the city enters its 78th night of consecutive demonstrations against police brutality and systemic racism since the May 25 killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

This ceased being about “police brutality, systemic racism,” and George Floyd after the first few nights - if not the first few minutes.  It's about tearing down and taking over the country.  Classic top down, bottom up, inside out communist tactics.  It's how the communists took Czechoslovakia after WWII. 

Portland police and Oregon State Patrol officers work together to arrest a protester in front of the Portland Police Bureau North Precinct on the 75th day of protests on Aug. 11 in Portland, Oregon. Crowd sizes began growing again last week as protesters regularly march on city and county law enforcement buildings. (Photo by Nathan Howard/Getty Images) 




  1. Oh, boy.....what's next?

    It almost seems like the "protesters" are using the cities as "Terrorist Training Camps".

    And they couldn't do it without the consent of the public "officials"...who IMNSHO are in violation of whatever oath/affirmation of office.

  2. When will the law abiding taxpayers have enough of this shit?

    1. I've heard that the people of Seattle got a recall going against their mayor. Naturally she's appealing to the court that they have no case against her.

  3. One of these days the police will have to start shooting them. Or the citizens will. Arresting them will not work if prosecutors will not charge them.

    1. You can bet your ass that the citizens that shoot will be arrested and persecuted (that's the word I wanted to use) on the spot. Like SiG said, typical commie tactics.

    2. Then the citizen has no recourse but to include The State and its agents on the citizen's target list.

      We dance about this concept a lot in the pro-gun circles.

      We like to support the cops, but oppose the government's intrusions into our lives while ignoring that the cops ARE The State.

      If The State says rioters are OK and your safety isn't and enforces the law on you and not them... who do you think is physically enforcing that on you?

      It'll be real damn hard to be pro-cop after watching them walk off their jobs for riots and come back later to arrest people who defended themselves from rioters.

    3. It occurs to me that this might be part of the plan to turn US against the cops.

      Good trap they've set.

  4. The majority of citizens of Portland and Seattle elected these communist governments knowing perfectly well their political alignments with the communist party. They are no different than the governments of Oakland and San Francisco and Los Angeles, all run by red diaper babies. The Trump administration is going to let the cities burn as they infiltrate the insurgency and gather intelligence on them. It is my opinion these Oregon cities are proving grounds for developing improvised weapons and techniques that will be spread nationwide to the insurgents currently lying low, awaiting the results of the national election.