Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Five

The latest meme is what five guns would you get if price were no object.  While we've done this before, I think that one was more bounded by reality. 

1.  Barret M82A1 Yeah, I said last time that there isn't a range over 600 yards that in the state that I know of.  But if price is no object, .50BMG semi auto?  Don't even have to think twice.

2.  Wilson Combat Classic 1911 This was in my list last time.  Still love it.

3.  A Palma Rifle.  Here I'm not sure what to go for, but thousand yard shooting with .308 sounds like fun to me.  I'm sure custom is the way to go, but I don't know who to go to.  I'd try this Savage 18532 at least to get me started.

4.  A full-auto Uzi SMG.  Only shot one once, but it was fun. 

5.  A Winchester Model 1894, but not a new one - I'd like one as antique as possible, but I think it needs to be 30-30.   
Let me confess some dumbness - I only became aware of Palma competitions a couple of months ago, when someone posted a link to Anette Wachter, the 30 Cal Gal, and I saw that extremely high-zoot rifle of hers.  So I went and read up on it, and it sounds like a good hard challenge.  Let's face it - if we wanted simple hobbies, we'd collect stamps, right?  No stress, no chance of things blowing up in your face, no chance of someone else's ND punching a hole in you: just buy stamp, put in book.


  1. Manatee Gun and Archery Club, Myakka City Fl.
    1000 yards of shooty goodness (to paraphrase Tam)

  2. Absolutely. I forgot about that. And I had my original list of five guns, where we talked about that, open as well. Shouldn't have missed it.

  3. You make an attractive argument for stamp collecting.

  4. I broke down and got one of my five (Shiloh Sharps in 45-110), but I'm still lusting for a Barrett myself. I love the range of the Barrett, but the penetration ability is even more exciting for me. Down on the Arizona Strip (BLM lands just s/o where we are currently RVing in Utah) you can make your own 1000 yard range. Or do like Elmer Keith used to do - find some flat, vertical rock faces you can shoot at so you can easily see where your bullets are striking.

  5. I've come to the conclusion I don't think big enough.

    Bayou Renaissance Man's five were exotic and antique or both. And Borepatch wants an array of six M2 full autos being carried by a freaking P51 Mustang!!

    BRM wants a deck cannon, Borepatch wants a Sherman tank, and I want a piddly Wilson .45?

  6. As long as we're dreaming, I'd settle for a neutron bomb in the trunk of a pink Volvo with a "Nuke An Unborn Gay Gray Whale For Christ" bumper sticker parked somewhere on Pennsylvania Ave. in D.C.

  7. I think I've decided I want the GAU-8 cannon. You know, the nose cannon on that A-10.

    Of course, it has to include the A-10.