Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ron Paul is Winning

In fact, he may have already won.  No not the presidency, the New Hampshire primary or anything like that.

No I'm not crazy.

Hear me out.  I don't think Ron Paul will ever be president.  If there is a President Paul, it's either going to be Rand or perhaps Rand's child.  But Ron Paul's ideas are winning in the marketplace of ideas.  Paul has been doing this a long time, and his views on the Fed, his views on living by the constitution, and his views on public debt are becoming mainstream.  You may laugh at me.  But large groups are talking about these things in ways that they never have before.  Rick Perry said he'd have Bernanke arrested if the Fed Head ever came into Texas.  Attempting to beat Ron Paul at his own game.  There's more of it out there.  Expect to see Ron Paul's ideas as planks in the party platform. 

I reported months ago that a pretty good computer study has said that when an idea gets 10% of the population behind it, that idea eventually takes over.  I've been noticing that trend more and more, and had it pointed out yet again, tonight,  in an interview with Andy Andrews, the author of "How Do You Kill 11 Million People?"  Did you know that at its very peak, the German National Socialist Party (the Nazis) had a membership of about 10% of the country's population? 

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