Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Primary Day in Florida

There's nothing like the smell of politicians in the morning...

The electronic counting is coming to completion, and I'm sure you're all hearing that Mittens has been declared the winner.  You can rest assured I did not vote for him, but I'll leave that detail concealed. 

As always, the lovely and wise Mrs. Graybeard and I have voted.  In this case, I say wise because of this observation from years ago which I have quoted before:
Preparing for an election is like cleaning out the cat's litter box.  It's a disgusting, revolting task that exposes you to all sorts of dirty, filthy things you'd rather never see, but if you don't do it, the job gets even more disgusting and revolting.
Long time visitors will note that I hardly ever talk about day to day politics and especially not party politics.  This is why.  The last couple of weeks have been brutal with negative ads.  I know they use them because they say they work, but I wonder if that's an artifact of how they measure.  I want a candidate to tell me why I should vote for them, not why I should vote against their opponent.  Whenever possible, I will vote against the one whose negative ad I hear first.  Newsflash: don't get your information on any candidate by listening to ads on the radio or TV.  Do your own research in advance.  Write it down if you have to, or save a local copy to your computer - in this age of editing the past.  It's better to keep a low level of attention at all times, so you can - hopefully - have some knowledge of the candidates well before the big day.

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  1. Its the system Gray. First Past the Post is one of the WORST voting systems ever imagined. See below: