Monday, January 9, 2012

Will There Be an Election 2012?

In this comment to my post on Saturday, and in this comment on Friday commenter RegT posts an honest question about the coming presidential election.  Is there really going to be an election next November? 

This question is ordinarily the domain of real conspiracy theorists.  It's high on the list of things I never thought I could end up thinking possible.   But I can easily see possible scenarios that seem likely to end with no election in next fall.  The Occupy Whatever idiots figure prominently in the scenario (all of what I've written is here, I think).  Occupy got plenty of good will from the Evil party - Debbie Wasserman Shultz, party chair-critter, just praised them again the other day.  Even some III patriots seemed to want to be part of it.  You can expect them back when the weather warms a little.

In my New Years Post, I wrote:
The potential I see is for them to act up so badly that the (bankrupt) cities can't handle the expenses.  Perhaps they assassinate a politician they don't like, or duplicate the Chicago 1968 Democratic Convention's riots.  The (bankrupt) cities beg the (bankrupt) feds for help, and the National Guard is called up.  Martial law is enacted, giving the fascists the chance to surround the white house with tanks and address the (right wing) domestic terrorism problem.  This could make the last presidential election The Last Presidential Election. 
Obviously, at no time in our history have elections been suspended.  Not during the civil war, not during the world wars or any other crisis we have faced as a nation.  That's probably the Rubicon beyond which open civil war begins.  Or one branch of the Rubicon.
(h/t The Feral Irishman)

This would have to be in response to a crisis, as it always is - "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste, and what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you didn’t think you could do before.", as Rahm Emmanuel said.   Rioting by Occupy idiots, leading to massive crackdowns on potential terrorists (all under the recently passed NDAA), and grabbing power "for the duration of the crisis" could be just such an example.  Normal elections will be restored once the crisis is over.  This is the sort of thing that marks a banana republic - and we are rapidly becoming one.

To quote George Orwell from 1984 (h/t to Donald at Sense of Events in his excellent piece, "The Left's Only Question: Who is to Rule, that is all".)
"We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power."
The idea that a president would surround the White House with the tanks and declare elections ended is difficult to accept."  It's a repugnant thought, but it's spreading:  gathering minds around the country and elsewhere, folks feeling it in their gut and becoming concerned it's going to happen.  

Sometime later I can tell you how I think a coup, takeover, and cessation of elections could be arranged by the muscle behind the administration: the New Black Panther Party, the Department of (Social) Justice, the Public Unions and so on.   


  1. All Obama would need is just one national emergency. The NDAA seems designed perfectly to suit this. Also, plots to transform the country do not spawn overnight, and the bringing home of troops from Iraq seems to coincide a little too coincidentally with this new bill (all but a few people within the Iraqi government wanted the US to withdraw. Military spending has also increased dramatically under this administration if you compare Bush (300 billion on average) to Obama (600 billion on average).

    Also, more and more evidence is surfacing that the domestic prison camps (the "FEMA" camps) may in fact be real. An FOIA document pretty much confirms it:

    Combined with Obama's anti-constitutional recess appointments and his gloating about it, and well, it is pretty obvious that he, as Adolf Hitler did, is using the democratic system to gain power.

  2. For all of my rhetoric, occasional flamboyant declarations, and such, I agree that discussing the possibility of there not being an election in November sounds "out there", has the appearance of "conspiracy theory".

    However, when you sum up, as others have done, the incredible excesses in power displayed by this administration - from nationalizing the car industry and then handing it over to the unions, to creating trillions of dollars of debt called "stimulus" and giving it to his cronies on Wall Street, to shutting down the oil industry and then crippling it - with the attendant damage to our national security as well as the economy, to telling Congress that this President will decide what is or isn't Constitutional, to creating a czar and an agency that has no reins or controls or limitations on it whatsoever, to giving secret missile technology/capabilities to a foreign power which has been inimical to this country since its very beginnings, you speak of a ruler in love with power. You speak of an arrogance and agenda which will brook no argument, permit no impediment to its plans.

    Would such an overweening creature permit something as insignificant as being Constitutionally eligible to be elected decide whether or not it should be in power? Would such a creature be willing to allow the unwashed, ignorant, "clinging" masses to decide if it should continue to rule and shape this country in its own empty image?

    I fear it will not. Especially as it has seen that - up to this point, at least - none have moved to stop it, or even slow it down. Neither Congress nor the Judiciary have played their role of either check or balance to the power of the Executive. The governors of the States have not spoken up against this usurpation of the powers that were meant to rest with the States and the People, nor have the People themselves raised a serious outcry.

    The Great Pretender, Barack Hussein Obama - yes, key on my words, Carnivore - has decided to move into the open with his grasping of the reins. He is becoming more open about his desire to damage our economy and our national security. I wish I was simply behaving as a wild-eyed paranoiac, but I truly believe we are seeing the President move into the light as the man who will fundamentally change America from what was once a Constitutional Republic with a free market to a socialist paradise as troubled and as morbid and as failed as Cuba. With a "leader" equally as unwilling to relinquish control until He decides to do so.

  3. Apologies for jumping in again, but ask yourself this: what possible downside could there be for BO to either suspend elections or simply declare himself the winner?

    Violence, blood in the streets? Bring it on, it will hasten the new socialist paradise, when he puts martial law into effect. Judicial efforts to force him to remove himself from office? Don't make me laugh. Congress impeaching him? Never happen, and even if, by a miracle, they did vote to impeach, who would actually move to remove him from the White House? At which point, the New Black Panthers, the Unions, and other useful idiots would riot in the streets, tanks would surround the White House, etc. as SiGraybeard has said.

    I hope I am wrong, but it looks like a win-win situation for Barry, as far as I can see. I can't help but imagine that this is how he sees it, as well.

  4. Yes I agree with Reg's second comment. It is a win-win for Obama, simply because most Americans could not handle a guerrilla war, and would tolerate anything to continue living what they perceive as normal (the normalcy bias).

    In fact, the government is preemptively breaking down any would-be resistance by destroying the economy. A person on food stamps will not fight against the government. A shortage of money means less ammunition and arms.

  5. An interesting article here:

    which outlines some of the methods to be a dictator. match each point mane against BHO ..

    Phil B


    Go to the college experiment at beginning at 1:40.

    Good quote: “If they get power, who loses power? We do. Do you want to lose power? No.”

  7. Anon 11:35 PM - my apologies, but Blogger had you blocked as spam. I think they do that when the majority of a comment is a URL. It isn't an AI system...

    Everyone else, a fantastic bunch of comments. I really have nothing to add.

  8. I'm wondering if the recent disregard for the Constitution by Obama isn't a dry run; if he can get away with appointing whomever he wants and ignoring Congress' constitutional responsibilities, it's a good test of what else he might be able to get away with.

    I suspect it was a grave mistake for Congress to not immediately jump on that with both feet to reassert its constitutional authority.