Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dear Graduates

"Dear Graduates: You're Screwed!" by Derek Hunter.  Go read. 

I feel for the recent graduates - I really do.  As he says, in different words, if you studied something that produces "marketable skills" (a phrase we don't hear as much as we used to), chances are you'll be OK.  You might not get a job right out of college, because it is tough out here, but chances are you will get a job in your chosen field.  If you're an excellent catch, even with a degree in an unrelated field, you'll be OK (my latest padewan learner as an engineer is a BS physicist - we hire good folks regardless of their formal background).  If you studied, well, anything that ends in "studies", so sorry.  Your future is not that rosy.  It's not "the man" oppressing you, it's that there just isn't a lot of people willing to pay for that. 


  1. They need to get into the data industry. There is more data than people who know how to transform and use it. People with problem solving abilities who can understand basic formulas (add, subtract, multiply, divide, modulo, if) can really start out

    1. Absolutely - but don't overlook that there's such a shortage of welders for the oil boom in North Dakota that they're importing welders from China.