Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More Tales From the Over Regulated State - A Series

Are you from the People's Republic of Massachusetts?  Do you vacation there?  (For God's sake, why, man?)  Then perhaps you've been to or heard of Great Brook Farm State Park in Carlisle, Mass.  Serious criminal activity has been taking place there.  You see, someone has modified their ice cream stand without the proper approvals from the Authoriteh and they had to be put in their place! (source
The park's popular ice-cream stand was unexpectedly shut down by state officials over the weekend, after the stand's operator made building improvements at the site without getting permission first.

Mark Duffy, who has operated the dairy farm at the state-owned park for 26 years and has a lease with the state to run the stand, said armed Environmental Police officers showed up at stand on Friday evening and stood guard throughout the weekend, turning away customers craving delectable sundaes and frappes. [emphasis mine - GB]
See, they discovered that Mr. Duffy had done "improvements" to the buildings without paying his tribute to the state for their blessings, so the state officials (in this case, properly referred to as "Mass-holes"), deprived of their licensing fees, responded in the only way they know: armed and in force.  I'm sure they would look at you as if you had the proverbial lobsters crawling out of your ears if you questioned what good this process did for anyone involved, other than the state.  And then they'd ask you if you had a permit for the lobsters in your ears out of season and fine you for not having it. 
I'm sure that PRM is such a paradise with so few problems that the crime of "unauthorized construction" simply must be top shelf.  I'm equally sure that if you said that to them, you'd get a rifle butt in the face.  Edward Lambert, commissioner of the Department of Conservation and Recreation, said he is trying to protect the public's health and safety while tests are conducted at the site.  It's all about public safety.  You never can tell when shoddy work is going to hurt someone. 

I realize that most people would say they want building inspectors  and some sort of "independent body" (as if states ever are) to vouch that generally recognized building practices are used, but come on, Massachusetts, do you really need to shut down a business, send 13 kids home with no pay and remove a reason for visitors to go to the park?  Do you really need to stage an armed raid?  And why does the "Environmental Police" even have armed officers?  Jealous because the Department of Education had guns and you didn't? 


  1. Escaped from Taxachussetts 18 years ago and never looked back. One thing I remember about that place is you can't do a real estate deal on a Sunday. Lawyers there have this 13-year repeating calendar that tells you what day of the week it was, just in case some real estate deal might have been null and void due to this stupid law.

    Of course it's mostly lawyers who "graduate" to being politicians and get these laws passed, by and large. Hmm.

  2. I don't know how many times I bring something up like this in conversation and the near auto-response to me is "thats an Isolated incident."
    Yeah, isolated in Masshole in this case, but how many happen a day that are only reported about in the local rag and NEVER make it to a database that we have access to? Far too many.
    These 'isolated incidents' are getting to be more and more a daily occurrence and the indoctrination and numbness of society shows when you try to use them as wattage in your Truth laser. Grrrr,,,,

    1. Really.

      I don't understand why they couldn't just give the guy a citation. Maybe the building inspector says, "Hey, Mark, that piece you put in over there isn't up to code, can you get that fixed?"

      No warnings, no friendly reminders, just show up (as far as I can tell) with weapons drawn. It's crazy.