Monday, May 28, 2012


Notice the rare use of triple exclamation points, which means Something Really Big Happened (SRBH). 

My all-time favorite writer on economic topics, The Mogambo Guru is back!  He has joined the blogosphere.  Although he's retired and only posting a couple of times a month, the world's supply of snarky, bizarre and side-splittingly funny (and accurate!) economic commentary has just gone up. 

The usefulness of Blogger's search utility is questionable, but it appears the first time I mentioned the Mogambo Guru was on May, 22, 2010 in "What's All This Gold and Weiner Stuff, Anyway?", a piece on how I came to realize we're screwed in the long term, a collapse is virtually guaranteed, and I needed to pay attention to commodity assets (gold, silver, oil, brass, lead...) Right Freaking Now.

Gotta run.  Mrs. Graybeard's laughter as she catches up on the old blog posts is tempting me to spend an hour or two catching up. 
Let me assure you the Mogambo Guru doesn't look like Clark Gable, Ava Gardner or Grace Kelly. 

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  1. Best news of the week!!! It was a year ago last April since his last column as I recall. Off to read and bookmark

    Thanks for letting us know.

    Terry T